Best NEC-35XX for CD Writing?



I had both a NEC-3500 and NEC-3520 for awhile. They both burned DVDs flawlessly but had trouble burning CDs at full speed. I would guess that if I tried to burn 20 CDs at full speed, one of them would become a coaster. Whereas burning them at 32X produced none ever.

I was wondering if the newer NEC-3540 would offer any improvements or has the CD writing abilities of NEC DVD burners already been topped out and I shouldnt expect to see any improvements in this category? Are there any other brands which burn CDs extremely well which also burn DVDs?

Thanks for any help.


Use 32x. I don’t burn faster than 24x. What’s wrong with a few more seconds of wait?


You know I have to say I agree with furballi and that doesn’t happen to often. :eek: :bigsmile:


It seems a $22 Liteon CD burner will do a better job than any $100 DVD burner. If you do a lot, you might want to consider that.


I burn @24x even with my Plextor Premium.
The quality is much better this way.


no problem here with burning cd´s…but why the hell using cd´s…long time ago i burned a cd…dvd is mutch better :wink:


I burn 48x on my 3520 and the discs work flawlessly.




I never burn over 32x on either one of my 3500’s - and have never had a coaster - and only use good media (TDK and Verbatim with Ritek codes)-