Best Music Ripping/Mp3 playing Program?

And dont even think about saying winamp…

Exact Audio Copy to rip, but to burn Nero


as a player I mean?

EAC or NERO to rip and WinAMP for playing :smiley:

EAC to rip
Nero to burn
Winamp to play - what can I say, I like the skins, especially that Britney Spears one… Just kidding. :smiley:

ok thanks guys, im downloading EAC as i type :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Hey you lot!

where can I download EAC? and is it FREE?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help…


It is free, like the best mp3 encoder out there - lame with the [alt preset standard] switch.

Get Exact Audio Copy here

Many sites have guides to help you set it up tp make perfect DAE rips.

This site and this site from a fellow Canadian I found a useful place to get started.

Thanks Lotus24

I will download that and give it a bash.

I’m pleased it’s free…HaHa:bigsmile:

Cheers! :wink:



if you ever stumble across mp3PRO it’s great

file compresion of 96k mp3 with 128k quality. Read by all Mp3 and cd/mp3 players. Cool eh?

Thanks Duronal for that tip.
do you know where I can download it as cheap as Poss (or free!)

Rob:D :cool:

musicmatch jukebox is availiable for d/l @ under the basic version.

this has the most important features. I would highly reccomend registering it it’s well worth the money.

once you register you will recieve a reg key…

:cop: if you use a key found on the net beware that you are breaking the law---------easy to find, but ultimately your just pushing the price up for others.:cop:

:bow: Thanks for the info I will probably try the basic version first to see what it’s like for myself…


EAC and “Winamp 2” (I didn’t say Winamp :))

musicmatch sound better then winamp
with dfx:)

I see that noone remembers Cdex. Quite a shame.
It is free, easier to use than EAC, but worse than EAC on scratched discs.

What about CD-DA X-Tractor. It is free, and extremely easy to use.

Originally posted by Duronal
file compresion of 96k mp3 with 128k quality. Read by all Mp3 and cd/mp3 players. Cool eh?

To get the ‘128 kbit’ quality, you need to have a MP3Pro decoder. Although older MP3 players/decoders will work, you won’t be able to harness the improvements of the MP3Pro format.

Well, Does it exist any official ólder version of it? I really don’t want to mess with beta progs. if I don’t know them well enough to start ripping… I will still use MMJB till they release a final version!