Best music CD creator and IMG burning program(s)?



i used to use Nero 6.6 for making music CD’s. and Alcohol 120% 1.9.5 for burning Data CD’s/DVD’s (ISO or w/e). but im looking for something that works on Vista and XP preferably (XP more then Vista). something that isnt really bloated. Nero 8.3 is really bloated i heard so i dont want to use that (unless i just heard wrong). and i would like an AiO thats why im asking about Alcohol.

thanks a lot.


ImgBurn is small, free and really good.


It sure is. :iagree:


CDBurnerXP. Free and excellent!


Gee Mr. Queen City this thread is almost a year old :slight_smile:


Express Burn can burn ISO/data/video and audio CD/DVD/Blu-ray. The download is less than 1MB. Works on XP/Vista and 7