Best "Music"/"Audio" CD-R

I have a stand alone Sony CD Burner. It will only burn “Music” or “Audio” CD-r(+r). I would like to get CDs that will last a long time like the Falcon Gold CDs (they don’t have any “Audio” cds, though) for archival purposes. I have told him to use any type of “Audio” CDs and then copy them into a hard drive, but he isn’t the quickest to adapt to new technology.

What is the best brand?

I know that Taiyo Yuden is a highly recommended brand but after reading the thread about bad batches of TY: link
it seems like its quality has really gone down, especially for their CDs. I also don’t know if they make “Audio” CDs

I checked Falcon, but none of their discs are “Audio” CDs

I know Verbatim makes “Music” CDs, but I haven’t been able to tell in these forums if Verbatim is a really good brand.

What do people recommend?

First of all, don’t allow one thread to make you believe that Taiyo Yuden quality has fallen completely apart. I wouldn’t go overboard and start getting paranoid about that. Taiyo Yuden is still some of the best media on the market, period.

You should try to find some branded Music or Audio CD-Rs that are made in Japan, as those will be Taiyo Yuden, and they will still be the best. Stop worrying about it.

Now, if you can use CD-Rs that are not labeled as Music or Audio, then FalconMedia Pro CD-Rs are also top quality.

As a third alternative, CD-Rs made by Ritek (they can be found under the Maxell brand) tend to burn decently, although they are not on the quality level of either TY or Falcon.

I have recently bought Music CD-R’s by Maxell which are made in Japan, and they should be pretty easy to find. If you’re in the US, Walgreens has them on sale periodically. (Not all Maxell Music CD-R’s are MIJ, so do read the label!)