Best Multisession software?




I use EZCD for multisession CDs, but everyone says this is crap software. What would you recommend for multisession? I mainly backup game patches and the occaisional compilation music CD.



I ever use Nero Burning Rom v5, without problem with my PlexWriter 8220 and Pioneer dru16s. It’s the best togheter with CDRwin
and for now with CloneCD too!!!
These are the best of the best!!!


Does Nero 5 do multisession?


OF COURSE IT DOES! ALL WRITE-PROGS DO, except those progs who only duplicate cd’s.


Nero v5.00.9 is the best a man can get zou ik zeggen. Ondersteunt multisession probleemloos…
Go get at:


always nero burning rom - it’s tons better than easy cd creator. plus, ezcd is for newbies…hehehe