Best MPEG settings for PS3

I am wanting to convert my DVDs to mpeg to playback on my PS3. I am trying
out some of the settings in the “dvd to mobile” section but I was wondering
if anyone else has already determined tried-and-true settings for creating a
very high quality MPEG in dvdfab platinum

I have a terrabite so Im not too worried about file size.


Well, I found another thread on this subject too.

But he doesnt seem to be having much success :frowning:

No, I am not having success. It will be fixed, eventually (i guess) but it’s just silly that I can’t use this feature.

Try to create a file for the PS3, use about 1.5-2mbit of bitrate, do not upscale using dvdfab and let us know what happens. It should measure around 2gig. DVDs are 4-5 mbit so you should be able to pull that same quality with much less bandwidth using MPEG4 AVC.

I’d be really interested to know how it goes for you!


We have done test with PS3 successfully, please let us know your result.

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I did two tests. Both were using the “PS3” selection under “Generic” in
the Mobile section.

My first test was at the default settings: 768x432 and 1024 bites. I didnt
change anything else.

The second test I changed it to 848x480 just for fun.

Both times the resulting video plays fine on my PC, but gives me the
corrupted data error on the PS3

I was testing with the widescreen version of Oceans11 if it makes any
difference. I am also sharing the videos through Windows Media Player 11
and I do have other mpeg files that I have ripped that work though this

Any ideas?

Just for everyones reference, I found the “accepted” video standards for the PS3

-Memory Stick Video Format
-H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Main Profile (AAC LC)
-MPEG-1 (MPEG Audio Layer 2)
-MPEG-2 PS (MPEG2 Audio Layer 2, AAC LC, AC3(Dolby Digital), LPCM)
-MPEG-2 TS (MPEG2 Audio Layer 2)

Maybe this will help the powers that be.

I do remember you mentioning before that you have done your testing on a PS3. It does strike me at odd that results are not consistent, when they are for all other formats. Remember that I can encode to PSP an even watch PSP encoded videos on my PS3.
Can you please tell us how to test more thoroughly so we can give you more hints to what’s wrong with our encodings?

thank you

I did another test this morning on a smaller track on my dvd.
I named the file test.mp4 and left all the default settings in dvdfab.

When I try to play the video through my network (via sharing in windows
media player) the file is identified as mpeg2, has the wrong video length,
and fails with the corrupted file error.

But, when I copy the same file to a usb jumpdrive and plug it into the
ps3 it is identified as AAC, has the correct length, and it plays!

So now I am looking into the compatibility of shared mp4 files. I think the
ps3 does not read them correctly, or windows media player does not share
them correctly.

Mpeg2 files work though (I have tested a few) over the network. Would it
be possible to set up dvdfab to save the file as a mpeg2 instead? Is there a
big reason why mp4 was chosen over mpeg2?


mp4 has far better compression than mpeg2. It’s several years of r+D plus all this new processing power in decompression that’s at your service. there’s no reason to go with mp2 if you can afford mp4, in the same way as you wouldn’t want a excel 95 if you can afford excel 2007.

As for sharing over the network… it’s not dvdfab, it’s your sharing software, whether it is tversity or what. The settings are probably set so as to share over the network using mpeg2 and perform on the fly transcoding.