Best MP3 ripping program?

What is the best program to rip audio from cd, and to convert it to mp3 on the hard-drive. What are most people using and where can I get it from.

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Cheers ! It works way better than the crap audiocatalist I had before.

if you want to know why visit h**p://
good site with full explaination+graphics

Exact Audio Copy with the lame encoder plugin RULES !!!

Audiocatalyst (xwing encoder) is crap :slight_smile:

Mostly i use audiograbber (with LAME encoder,which is a dll you can download from the audiograbber’s page).Also Musicmatch is a great audio-tool not only for ripping of course.

EAC and Lame. Although I have used gogo which is quite good and very fast!

I’ve hold it by AudioCatalyst

Because it RULES!!!


The only programs that can be considered regarding quality is EAC (first choice) and Cdex since they are the only secure rippers.

Go to go get info on what secure means.

Audiograbber or eazy cd-da extractor


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