Best MP3 rip-program & Quality

I would like to rip my original cd’s to MP3, while I recently bought a Creative Zen Sleek Photo + Senheiser CX300… :cool:

Now I am using a program from creative at 192kbps, which can only do CBR. (Also vbr, but that’s really vague…)

  • Which VBR should I choose in your opinion? (not an ‘audiofiel’, but I do prefer good quality… :wink: )
  • Which program should I use, which gives good quality, and that can download all song&album info from the internet?

Hope you can help me, while I couldn’t find this info in any of the other posts…

EAC with LAME is what I use and it makes really excellent VBR mp3s that sound no different than 320kb CBRs. EAC even passes the optimum settings to LAME for you so you don’t have to do much.

CDex is another excellent ripper which I prefer over EAC.

I agree with Shaolin, you can not go wrong with EAC (Exact Audio Copy). Easy to use and free. It is not the fastest program but great quality.


Thanks guys. Just downloaded EAC and Lame, and been busy setting up the program for more than an hour using this guide.

I know it is in dutch, but it’s great, and the quality of Californication (RHCP) with the given command lines with VBR is just stunning!! :bow:

I am a happy, happy ripper… :wink:

Note if you follow Isaja’s link you can find and English version of the guide on that page too.

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