Best MP3 Normalizer

Perhaps you can find more useful things here:
(for some odd reason the owner of that website hasn’t realised we have the Euro for years :rolleyes: )


It is apparent to me that not many people here are in the professional audio field and I guess that’s a good thing for the world. Reminds me of people in the 15th Century that scoffed Columbus and the like for wanting to sail around the world because they knew for a fact that the earth was flat and anyone sailing too far would fall off the edge.

Oh yeah, the moon landing was faked too.

I guess, unless you’re a professional, you’ll never know what great sound is, eh!..
Have fun with your CD re-winder…:bigsmile:

OKAY now guys…This thread has been derailed far enough. ‘the Bedini CD Ultra Clarifier’ has little to do with the topic, but I allowed it because it suggests a possible audible improvement. Apparently Emplehod truly believes in the product. To each his own, I say. However, if this thread degrades further I will start cleaning it up. OKAY? BTW nice lecture t0nee1. I watched it all and now understand better the ‘psycho acoustic’ field.

Being as others here can insult me without having an opportunity to defend myself, as my post is deleted, then I request that you remove my account completely from these forums. I will be more particular in the future and not post in forums where people are so close-minded.