Best mp3 Jukebox

I’ve been trying to find a great mp3 jukebox for years and I think I’ve finally found one that deserves shouting from the rooftops.

It’s a great jukebox, has all the features I currently want, and is under constant development meaning that it’s getting even more features that I have yet to start wanting.

It’s called MEDIA JUKEBOX (version 8 which for some wierd reason you have to login to their ftp to get).

If any of you want a sweet mp3 jukebox program then I HUGELY recommend this one.

Thanks. I have ripped about 400 songs now to disk. Will a Jukebox play them without a playlist (that’s the prob I have)? I plan to put them onto 90’ discs, pop 1 in and go forever!


:rolleyes: Yeah it will.
Login to their ftp and get hold of a copy of it (hopefully it wont be their very latest beta one cause that has a few bugs they need to fix.)
Get version 8 of it and it’ll play them and sort them however you want. It also has facility to rip (even though EAC is better) and will let you choose your own external encoder (LAME - v3.92 just released).

Oh yeah, and another thing. I dont know if you do a lot of ripping yourself but if you do (I personally Rip all my own cd’s and save them to my hard drive as I listen to most of my music when I’m on my computer). There’s a program called CDTag ( that is great for tagging your mp3’s and adding .sfv and creating .m3u files for them.
I personally do this to all my music now after I was unluckily enough to have a hard drive FAT crash but was lucky enough to be able to recover most of my mp3’s through a recovery program.
I wasn’t able to check to see if they were all valid though or which ones were corrupted as I didn’t have sfv files for them so nowdays I add sfv files to all albums I make so that I can check the integrity of them should I be unlucky enough to encounter any problems.

MediaJukebox will also fill in all the id3 data for you too when doing a rip. It looks it up on the internet for you. I use it to rip new cd’s (I use EAC for older ones to make sure they’re good quality rips if the cd is at all damanged or scratched) and mix it with LAME.