Best Mp3 / Filesharing Tool



I was just wondering what some peoples opnions are on:
1.) Best Mp3 Sharing Tool
2.) Best Filesharing Tool (movies, isos,etc)

I just started using shareaza for both…


1.) Soulseek [nicotine] (great to download whole albums)
2.) BitTorrent [azureus] or edonkey [mldonkey] (Bittorrent for new movies, edonkey for older stuff)


well, for me i’d say trustyfiles, because u can search on both kazaa network and gnutella,and it ain’t got spyware, of course u cud use kazaalite 2, of course u could use shareaza 2, which is also really useful, but i just like the surface of trustyfiles more and i think it really is good…
and it can also resume aborted downloads, but hey who can’t? :smiley:
also the newest kazaalite one i heard of sounds 2 b interesting…maybe carin 2 download it …dunno
filesharing for movies n isos is surely shareaza i agree :smiley:
but may we do that