Best MP3-encoder updated: LAME v3.93 released

I just posted the article Best MP3-encoder updated: LAME v3.93 released.

rashmatt used our newssubmit to tell us that the best (?) MP3-encoder has been updated. Since today we can find a new LAME version on its homepage:

LAME v3.93 Changes:


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Anybody who doesn’t use LAME to encode their MP3s should be ashamed of themselves. Team this up with Audiograbbeg or EAC and you have the best encoding on the planet.

I team it up with cdex.

I recommend using the Chris Myden method for creating HQ mps. Lame + Exact Audio Copy Does a much better job than CDex.

audiograbber gets more and more on my nerves. full of bugs. I prefer winlame (ogg encoding up to 500 kbs, also mp3 encoding etc.). hope they will release a new version, which includes the newest lame encoder

all i need is musicmatch. Why use other unknown/unpopular prog’s when all u need is music match?

DO NOT DOWNLOAD LAME 3.93!!! Here’s why:

JPWRana: To get BETTER sounding MP3 files and SECURED ripping results.