Best Movie downloding sites

what webistes are best to download movies? i tried Limewire but it doesnt really work. so could you please post some really good websites please? THX ALOT!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Assuming that you’re talking legal (public domain) stuff, there are a few links in this thread:

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In addition to what has already been said, I would like to add that it is very dangerous to use P2P for movie downloading in the US. The MPAA has a zero tolerance policy. It has been noticed that even the downloading of a single film is enough to draw the wrath of Hollywood and a resulting lawsuit or nastygram from your ISP.

Unlike the RIAA which is bad enough, the MPAA does not just go after up loaders with thousands of files in the share folder, they will go after any IP address they happen to snag that is merely making a download.

If you live in the United States and want cheap movies, I highly recommend, Blockbuster Online. You can get a ton of movies delivered to your door for a small price. But the kicker is they will send you up to 4 in-store coupons per month. (one a week) that you can use for games or movies. If you think about it, this is about the price of the monthly service which is 18 dollars total for the most expensive plan. As movies are 4 dollars a pop. Add this with unlimited rentals, 3 at a time delivered to the house and you start to get the idea this is a good value.

In addition, if you couple this with the 10 dollar a year in store “Rewards Program” you can kick some more ass. Here’s what you get- Remember a rental is 4 dollars regardless at Blockbuster. Since I have the online program, I never pay for a rental when I visit the store I use just the coupons. But it still enhances your online program as they work together.

Your first movie or game rental free.
One free non-new movie or game rental every month.
[B]One free non-new movie or game rental for every rental made Monday through Wednesday.[/B]
One free (new or non-new) movie or game rental when you rent five movies or games in the same month, up to two free rentals.

When I go to the brick and mortar store with my online coupon on Monday through Wednesday, I rent a new release. About half the time, they screw up and give me another coupon for a free non new release for each free movie I get that day, due to the rewards program- LOL. :cool: You always get one free one a month no matter what. At any rate, the 10 dollar program is a sweet addition to the online program, as you are down there picking up free movies anyway, so what the heck! It sure beats freaking out if you are being watched on the Internet. For 18 dollars a month, the peace of mind for me is worth it!

Yet another side benefit, is their previously viewed DVDs that you can scope out while you are there for as little as five dollars. They are guaranteed to work flawlessly and so far I have yet to have a problem with even one.

damn do you work at a blockbuster? that’s an almost fully accurate description of rewards…customers never get that right! haha my only clarifications for rewards: the first free rental you get for signing up is non-new, and the rent 1 get 1 free on mon-wed has to be taken at the same time as your paid rental…i’ve never seen a place distribute coupons for that. then again coupon rentals don’t usually count for rent 1 get 1 or your rent 5 get 1, but you say it works for you at your store…so whatever

i used to work at BB (I don’t anymore). another tip on rewards though…if you give your email address when you purchase the rewards program you get an extra free coupon in your email (only good on new signups) plus your free monthly non-new will go right to your email and you can just print it out and bring it in. also you get lots of random coupons like $.99 rentals sent to your email as well.

@the original poster. if you google “public domain movies” you should get plenty of legally downloadable films.

Ahh…good tips. I think I will give them my email addy next time I visit. :iagree: No, I don’t work for them, but I checked out NetFlix and BB and I think due to the free stuff you get in the stores, BB have kicked NetFlix where it hurts.

It’s pretty smart that they can leverage what is a bit of a liability, a store with overhead like rent, power, employees etc., with these free things. I must admit too, that when I go in there, I always check out the 4 for 20 dollar pre-viewed movies, sometimes you can get some awesome deals. When you can buy a film for a dollar more than renting, if it’s one you can watch more than once, it seems a good value.

they have DVD distributor right outside of grocery stores in dallas,TX.
from 1.5$ to 0.5$ for 24h. i got 3-4 , and it works…(with credit card)

and soon, we will be able to burn our own movies with these DVD dispensers, …


if price are decreasing, it s due to the help of p2p and pirats!!!

and probably has nothing at all to do with the fact that a new format has just hit the market, right?

Of course you realize that mentioning this practice of copying rental movies is a violation of our forum rules. Please consider this as a warning. Backing up a rental is not something we should discuss here as it is illegal to do so.

I also think that greed has caused the DVD movie to drop in price, not piracy. Hollywood and other content producers are flooding the market, trying to re-sell everything from movies, HBO shows, concerts, mini series etc. To the point that there are so many titles, that they languish on the shelves.

I think that piracy actually hurts the consumer more than the content producers. The MPAA uses trumped up figures to call for tougher laws against fair use in Congress. For instance the DMCA. They say they are fighting piracy and they may have been at one time. However, now I think they have come to the dim realization, that if they want to control the consumer in order to charge for certain actions i.e. backups, streaming etc., they need copy controls and a law that says you can’t bypass them. This is all about future revenue streams and how to continue growth of profit for the shareholder. But, you cannot lobby Congress saying you want them to police the public so you can stick them in the ass with new charges to perform actions that were once (and still are) “protected” by Fair Use laws you have to say you are fighting piracy. Otherwise, the politicians would turn a deaf ear as they cannot upset the constituency.

i think he’s talking about the new dvd burning kiosks that have been talked about in the news.

this whole thread sort of devolved from downloading to affordable renting as an alternative to stealing movies…

I think you are right. My apologies to johnhamler!!! :doh: :o