Best motherboard

I am looking to up grade my motherboard soon as I am limited to 550mhz with what I have at the moment. Fancy a AMD 1 gig so what is the best make of mother board to go for, & still be able to upgrade again later. I have pc133 ram so want same m/board. Not that keen on on board sound etc would rather use pci’s. Is it true that gigabyte arn’t so clever? Thanks in adavance


Live Long And Prosper:)

At the moment MSI has proven themselves time after time, for both stability and speed of motherboards.

ASUS has a great name in the field of motherboards, a great reputation for good support and great stability.

At the moment I would bet my money on MSI motherboards, when it comes to AMD.

asus a7a266. veerry cool.

otherwise Gigabyte, MSI i’ve never really liked as the early ones were a bit flakey.

but it’s horses for courses. if ya know what I mean harry.

I myself own a Asus A7V133-Raid and I’m enjoying it allot! :slight_smile:
But if I would buy a new board now, I would go for a MSI aswell.
Hearing very good things about it!
When the time was there for me to buy a new board I wanted the MSI better then my Asus, but one day before I went buying this board I heard that the MSI had a bug, so I went for the Asus! :wink: