Best model LiteOn? Buy where?

I’m looking at getting a LiteOn DVD burner. I’d like it to handle DVD movie and game cd/dvd archiving. I’d like it to use SATA, but IDE is an option too. Which model do you recommend? Who can I order it from?

Okay if you are in the USA here is where you can get a SATA Liteon 20A1S-20A1L LS drive
SATA Liteon I have the 20A1S SATA drive and I really like it a lot it is a real fast ripper and
it takes anything I can throw at it. I also have a 20A1P IDE drive and it does real good too,
but I do believe the 20A1S is quite a bit faster when it comes to ripping here is a link to the
20A1P-20A1H LS drives if you’re interested in a IDE drive IDE drives :wink:

getit29, care taking your time and prove that… :slight_smile:

NetTechie, if you have native IDE ports then LH-20A1P/H is the way to go.

I do have IDE on my motherboard. Are the IDE burners better than SATA? They are more compatible I’d guess?

IDE is older technology, therefore more compatible.
To use the SATA, you typically need a newer motherboard, or a PCI adaptor card.

I am going to add a 4x sata controller card (I’m getting more hard drives). I will have a spare SATA port. Would it be better to go with IDE, due to compatibility?

Post us the manufacturer and the model of your mobo and I’m sure you’ll get more accurate responses. :wink:

BTW, many sata controllers (even native) still have compatibility issues with optical drives. Just look around our forums.

ABIT NF7-S v2.0 with Sil3112. Add in card may be Sil3114 or Promise SATA300 TX4 (undecided). My onboard doesn’t seem to have a “IDE compatibility” mode as some posts describe. Do I have to have that to boot/install from CD?

My motherboard is an ASUS A8N-SLI Premium, and I’m deciding between the 20A1P and 20A1S. The difference in price is only $7 (SATA being more expensive), but I wouldn’t mind SATA for the nicer cable management and possible speed increase, but not if it’s incompatible with my mobo. Anyone know if any problems with my board and this drive?

I am curious how your mother board could have so many power connectors for SATA? My PSU has 2 SATA power connectors and are occupied by 2 SATA HDDs. I’d love to get a SATA burner but I could not figure out where to find out additional SATA power connectors since those burners do not have dual-power connector.

You can buy adapters to change the old molex connectors to the kind SATA drives use. They are available everywhere.

There’s nothing special about the power requirements of SATA drives. Only the connector is different.

Here’s a dual one:

[I]NetTechie[/I], you have 2 IDE channels (four drives) on your mobo plus one parallel-ATA to seriel-ATA converter… On time to consult manual. :slight_smile:

[I]p200002[/I], depending on your PSU you can use as many Y-cables as you like. :wink: