Best modded firmware for LiteOn 166s?



What is the best modded firmware for a Lite-On XJ-HD166s?

I would be most interested in maximal DVD rip speed / quality for pressed DVDs, though excellent DVD rip speed / quality for burned DVDn+/-R would also be important.



I have tried the modded firmware but noticed a speed decrease with pressed DVDs. So I came back to regular stock FW DS1E


have you had the lower-reading speed version?


I have tried it too and pressed disk reading speed slow down to 1x to a max of 4x

it’s normal?

readme say:

What has been patched?

1/ DVD+R and DVD-R reading speeds
2/ DVD+RW and DVD-RW reading speeds
3/ DVD-9 (pressed dual-layer) reading speeds
4/ DVD+R DL (recordable double-layer) reading speeds (only for the SOHD-167T and


which one have you tried?


No it’s not normal. With the stock FW I can rip up to 16X (according to the pressed dvd). But of course it always starts between 2.5X - 3.5X and reaches the maximum speed at mid-disc (if it is a double layer) or at the end (if it is a single layer)


ChoKo, I have tried the ones with 12X, 14X, and 16X.


oh, 14x was working fine with my drive. now i use a toshiba sd-m1712.