Best MKV/MP4/XvidHD/AVI to Blu-Ray converter?



I’m new here and I wasn’t sure where to ask this, but I have a question.

I’m getting my first BD-RW drive in a few days and I am in the process of getting all of the necessary PC (Windows 7) programs surrounding the usage of said drive.

So far, have a program for playing the movies from disc (VLC w/ AACS plug-in), a program to rip BD movie discs (ANY DVD HD), and a program to convert BD movies to various movie file formats such as MKV/MP4/XviD (Blu-Ray Converter Ultimate, by VSO), but what I haven’t found, is a program that will take MKV/MP4/XviD files and convert them back to a standard Blu-Ray disc image, ready to, or possibly automatically, burn to BD-R.

The best way to put it is I am looking for something like ConvertXToDVD, but on the Hi-Def/BD-R level.

Anyone know of a good (whether it is free or not) program to do this? Thank you. :slight_smile:



tsMuxeR, which is what Mr. B linked to, will give you a blu ray output. If you want something with a menu to select various files in the blu ray structure, you can try multiAVCHD.

It is just about the only free tool for creating menus in blu ray, but unfortunately, it seems to be abandoned now by its author.


Beware though that unless you have Hi Def video to author, you’re just wasting a BD. In other words upscaling to burn on a BD is not going to make the video any better.


XviD4PSP. :slight_smile:



Thanks for the help guys. Funny story: I already had a program to convert .MKV/MP4/.AVI to blu-ray and I didn’t even know it. I have been using Total Video Converter to convert videos back and forth from one type to another for years, but today I remembered that the software went through a name change not long ago to Total Video Converter HD, so I fired it up again to attempt to convert an .mkv to an avi. While thumbing through all of the options available in the software, I found an option to convert from .mkv to AVCHD. I guess I’m all set now. :bigsmile: So if anyone happens to look out the window and see smoke in the distance, it is probably just me churning out some BD-R’s! LOL.