Best MINUS R media for SOHW-812S (USOQ)

Every DVD I burn is riddled with read errors (even on the exact same drive that burned the DVD!) I have to assume it’s the crappy Memorex media I’m using…

What is the best DVD-R media for this drive and under what brand is it sold in the US? It has to be MINUS R media because my set-top player won’t play PLUS R.

Thanks in advance…

FugiFilm -R (made in Japan) sold at Best Buy. These have been hard to find
Maxell 8x -R (made in japan) just picked up a 25 pack at office depot for $10.00
sony -R
All 8x media
These are the 3 ive tried and had pretty good luck with.
Using codeguys FW of course :bow:

It depends in what you are willing to pay.
If you want the best, you should go for Taiyo Yuden discs, Verbatim discs or Maxell ones.
With those, you’ll have perfect burns.

I bought a 15 pack of Maxells on clearance, and they work (praise God!), but they only work at 2x.

Burning at 4, 6, or 8x results in an unrecoverable CRC error 250 MB into the disc.

Should I be using Taiyo Yuden discs?

Also try Verbatim 8X-R discs, they are quite good.

What is the media code of those Maxell you bought?
Do you have Ultra DMA enabled for your drive?

Is there any chance that if you set a +R to DVD-ROM when you burn it, that your player will play the disc?
Have you given it a go?

I have an 812S and the +R burns are sooooo much better than the -R burns.

Once youve tried +R you’ll never go back.

I upgraded to the CodeGuys CY58 (or whatever… the sony based one) firmware, tried a +R, and all is well.

The player will play it and it burns at 8x. :bow:

Plus I now have dual layer (832s) burning capability!

Thanks roos50 and others for your help.