Best method to test DVD Burns without a Liteon writer

Hello All,

Many people out there (according to sales stats) have been asking this question, what exactly is the best way to test quality of burn without a Liteon writer.

For example, I have a NEC 2510a, and an LG DVD-ROM, and I’ve burned some DVDs, is there a reliable way to test them ?

Thanks for any info, and have a great weekend!

Yes, use Nero DVD Speed. Not only will it verify the data is readable, but if the drive speed is consistent, as evidenced by a smooth line, you’ll know it’s easily readable, at least by your drive.

If you have a fast reader, like my 14x hd166s, a complete test takes around 5 minutes. Kprobes can take much longer. Personally, I don’t trust kprobe for anything anymore. I’ve had terrible looking kprobes that read fine up to 14x with DVD Speed, and the reverse is also true, good looking kprobes that read badly in DVD Speed and my standalone. I’ll stick with DVD Speed.

The only thing I would add about CDSpeed and Kprobe (I use both) is that CDSpeed cannot tell you much about errors that are low enough to not affect the readability. I have seen some horrendous burns with large numbers of errors that were readable and I have seen some discs with very low errors that would not read above 8X. Keep in mind that a DVD player reads at 1X.

The best example I can show of this anomaly is a burn on Prodisc S03 that reads flawlessly all the way to 14X on CDSpeed and yet has errors (PI) at around 160. I also see Riteks and TY discs with errors at 12-14 and yet they slow down on CDSpeed above 8X. Clearly this slowdown does not indicate errors and at the same time, the straight line on the Prodiscs does not indicate a low error count. That is why I use both.

I had the same discrepancies with kprobe and CDSpeed. Recently I had a disk that had a nice looking consistent PI around 15. However I was very surprised to see it skip and freeze halfway into the disk on my standalone. I ran it through DVD Speed which I rarely used, and it showed a sharp speed drop at roughly the spot where I had problems in my standalone. I then confirmed DVD Speed showed appropriate bad graphs for all my “bad disk” collection, which I keep for these types of tests.

Kprobe was my test of choice, but now I run only DVD Speed and have yet to have a disk that generates a good graph but doesn’t play in my standalone.

I use DVD speed these days. The transer rate test and scan disc seem to be the best indicators of quality since I don’t have a Liteon writer.

But the best method IMO is to test on two different drives.

It seems to me that either test will show a BIG problem and either test will show a lack of problems. It is the stuff in the middle that gets interesting.