[?] best method to copy a double layer dvd?


as the title sais, i need to copy a dual layer dvd. and i need to make the copy
as perfect as possible, as i have to copy the installer dvd for the SUSE OS.
i need some backup copies for the peeps at my workplace, so the original
won’t get lost or scratched and so on…
when installing from the copied disk if then it does not pass the media check before installation, this dvd is a coaster, regardless if there is just one corrupt packet of an app that does not get installed, anyway.

my reading device is the PX-130A, the writer will be GSA-4167B.
so which program should i use to make the backups?
i have padus installed (proud paid license owner), clonecd, alcohol
and ONES (which i used yesterday to read an imagefile of the media)

and what media is the best to use? + or - and which brand for double layers?

the OS i can use atm are win xp sp2 and win 2000 sp4.
i have a nforce3 board, if that is important to know.
and one last question: should i install the chipset vendor
IDE-drivers, or leave the standard drivers that come with windows?

i know that on this forum it is one of the most asked questions about “how to copy best this and that”, but please forgive me posting this question as
i did not find any info about copying data double layer.