Best method for LTR-40125s



just got a LTR-40125S and am trying nero for the first time. Whats the best methode to use, Track-at-once,Disc-at-once,disc-at-once/96. Thanks
PS I'm just backing up stuff from my HardDrive.


not 1 person can help a new nero user out here… also if someone could help out to whats the difference is , whats best for audio CD’s. I know that TRack At Once turnes the laser off between tracks but whats the difference between DAO and DAO/96.


i knew…

but i forgot…


and im also noticing the inactivness of this section…

still waiting for an answer to my question too


Generally with nero use dao. The dao96 option has only been added to nero recently and there are a number of better programs around for dao96 burning.