Best Media

What is the Best Recordable Media to use for the Liteon 5005?
I’ve just had this recorder 1 week.
I’ve just made 1 disc so far.
I used Fujifilm. I noticed when playback, there’s a jerky motion.
Anyone used Memorex or Maxell and had good experience with those brands.
Walmart only had those 2 brands.
I think when I was there the other day, they’ve got the Imition, any problems with these?

I’ve had good luck with:
hp *****
Staples ****
Memorex ****
Maxell ***
Imition ****
Arita **
Staples ****
Maxell ***
Memorex ***
Maxell ***
Philips ****
Fujifilm ****
Sony ***
don’t use due to long prep time

Some were inconsistent due to problems with my 5005.
Best I have used was hp 8x DVD+R but they would not play on my oldest DVD player
Maxell 8x DVD-R would play on most any player while Staples 8x DVD-R whould not play on older units.
No best for DVD+RW as many would not prep after erase, when working used a lot of Memorex +RWs.

Check out Staples on line for sales. I found -Rs and +Rs in 50 packs for less the $10 each pack.

I almost exclusively use DVD+RW. The two best for me have been Imation (PHILIPS 041) and Fuji (RICOHJPN W11). The first time I use a fresh +RW it takes no longer to prep than a +R disc and erasing a +RW only takes seconds and I’ve never had a problem afterwards.

The +Rs that have worked well for me are Fuji (TY) and, surprisingly TEON (MCC). TDK (RICOH [MIT 4x]) are ok, but the TDK (CMC) were hit and miss at best.

That being said, read your manual and look at the compatibility chart and in general you’ll do better with the better manufacturers (Brand names don’t seem to mean much these days)

Unfortunately the compatibility list that Liteon supply has not been updated for best part of a year and as such nearly all that are listed are no longer available as faster speeds and different makes have come out.

That being said Liteon in Taiwan recieve over a 1000 disc samples of currently available media from the EU office every quarter which are tested for compatibility.

It also pays to be aware of the Media ID as Trak101 has shown (TY, MCC, CMC etc) because 1 brand can source discs from different factories, so for example you could buy some Sony discs that will work fine then you buy another pack and they don’t do so well because they have used a different dye (TY, MCC etc).

There is plenty of info on this in other forums here.

I’m in the UK and have had no problems with Datawrite Classic Grey and Titanium in both - & + R (CMC and MCC). For RW I use mainly the + format and Both Datasafe and Phillips have been good (can’t recall the ID but can supply). The worst I have used was brand called budget.

I use Fuji DVD+RW(Ricoh) media.

And I will use no other. The +RW’s are the best for this recorder and very flexible. Especially with erasing. Most people with the 5005 should use these.
The recording quality on the Fuji +RW has been better than any +R or -R
I have used on this machine.

LiteOn responded to me to use the list for the 5006 which has a more up to date list of media to use with 8x media on the list…but at this point with al the trouble many people are having it is definitely not a give…seems these ddw drives are not very dependable and vary from one person to another as to what media works. In the beginning after I returned my first 5005 that would not read the RW that came with it and I returned it…my second 5005 with the ddw-451 would work with anything, now I’m down to a single MIC that it works with reliably.