Best media to use with the lite sohw 832s?

well, what is the best, and what is the most economical and good

i know ritek and economical and good, but which type of ritek is the best

and could anyone care to explain why those prices are as they are? it seems odd to me why one pack of oem is is 43 and another retail is 36 and the other retail is 23, all 50 packs

and is there anything si hould do to my new burner? any necessary firmware updates or such? or just leave it as is

thanks for all the help

sorry, i would so a search, but my connection is really slow, and the seach never completes, get that white screen thing page cannot be displayed

I would choose none of the above. DVD-R media does not do real well with Liteon drives. If you want to choose Ritek from Newegg, then you should look at something like this:

what really??? ive always lied the -r media =/, so the +r is th ebest then?

cause i heard they dont do as well in dvd players and ps2’s

I am not saying that DVD-R media is bad, what I am saying is that the Liteon drives do not do real well with this type of media. With bit setting you can overcome any limitations that DVD players have playing back the media. I also think PS2s will be ok if you Bitset.

thank you for your help, and could you please explain what bitsetting is? or give me a link i could learn more about it?

if it is what im thinking, do u bitset according to different players or something? and if thats the case, if a bit set fo rone player, and buya new player later would it not work as well? thanks again

Bit setting is done for one reason, to trick a DVD player into thinking the DVD being played is a pressed DVD (DVD-ROM). This enables any home player or other DVD device to be able to play back a DVD when it could not before. It is only needed for DVD+R disks. You would never have to buy a new player as this makes the disk more compatable not less.

Liteon drives can bit set if you use their bit setting tool

Also, you can use The CodeGuys Omnipatcher to automatically bit set without having to use the above tool.

I would buy all of the Ricoh JP-1 based DVD+R 4X certified media that I could find as it works near perfectly at 8X with the 812s/832s!

Tonight I picked up a 50 pack spindle of Fuji 4X DVD+R’s which happened to be Ricoh’s and the price was pretty good for a local retail store at $39.99 for the 50 pack.

The Ricoh discs are disappearing as Memorex and others are now offering 8X certified DVD+R media in place of 4X which means the Ricoh JP-1’s are disappearing very quickly.

I have found that the Ricoh JP-1’s burn much better than the Memorex 8X rated DVD+R’s which are brand new Ritek R03’s.

Yes, I second that opinion! Those are the same Ricoh JP-1’s that I have suggesting by Memorex, Maxell etc.

Plus that’s a great price from New Egg making that the absolute best deal & discs to buy for the Lite On’s period!

ok so like, why does feature only with the +r media, is the -r media like so good it doesnt need to be tricked intot thinkign it is pressed, or what exactly?

The problem is not an issue of format superiority. It’s a simple matter of age. The plus format is much newer than the dash format, which means that older devices will recognize dash but not plus. Dash supporters like to point to compatibility as the key advantage of dash, but that advantage is really an accident of this age issue (the dash format was never designed to be more compatible or anything of that sort), and speaks to nothing about the dash format (which is actually technically inferior, which is why, on average, plus tends to burn better, not just on LiteOn, but on other drives as well).

On this note, I fully expect +R DL to be more “compatible” than -R DL for the same reasons why -R is currently more “compatible” than +R.

And then there are the devices that explicitly try to detect +R and block them in order to thwart copy protection, like PS2.

hey code 65536 i updated my 812s to 832s but i think i did something wrong, i clicked on the button apply recommended DVD media tweaks in OP and enable cross-flashing and choose the VSOA patch from you website. By clicking on the button ‘apply…’ was that wrong? I can not test any DL, because not available here in belgium ( i could not fing any shop with it). If i did wrong, what should i do to fix it.

You’re fine.

thx code65536

hey code65536 i have another question, if there are new firmwares wich one does i choose to update? I have a 812s to 832s