Best Media to use with PIONEER DVR-105

What is the best Media known, or from your own experiences, to use with the PIONEER DVR-105 (firmware: v1.33 - RPC-1 + 2xDVD-R + 12xRip & region free hack)?

I am burning a home-made movie on my friends system (I have no DVD burner), of which I want to last the longest, with the best possible media and compatibilty there is to offer with this drive, so that it can last me as long as possible. I am also looking for making this DVD portable to as many stand alone DVD Players as possible.

My friend doesn’t know much about his drive, he said it writes +R and -R so I guided him through Nero Infotool and got some strange feedback. The checkboxes displayed the dirve was capable of both +R and -R but the log file he sent me that he saved shows this drive doesn’t support +R. I was not there to see it, nor what he did, can anyone clear this up? :confused:

I have no time to buy different media and run tests, so any feedback will be very useful and greatly appreciated. It will obviously also save me quite a few bucks by avoiding me having to buy various media with different dye just to test how good it is. This is very important to me, and I want to do this right the first time.

Nero Infotool Log (I am upgrading to the firmware mentioned about when I get to his house)

Thanks in advance all :slight_smile:

The A05/105 only burns -R/RW.

I am running that firmware and I have had success with most disks although it doesn’t like Optodisk or AN31. Won’t even burn Optodisk and whilst it will burn AN31 with Nero saying the burn is successful, the disks themselves are only good for coasters.

Have had little trouble with Princo and Sony.