Best media to put ps2 backups on



I heard if you have a chip and use low-quality media in your ps2 it damages the ps2. Which media is best for ps2 backups? I have a chipped slim model (black)


You should use good quality media to avoid stressing the drive.
Some good quality media would be genuine Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim.


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A good post from cd pirate on the subject of PS2 backups, pretty much the same recommendations as Evilboy:


Well i have’nt heard that before, but as the others said go for genuine Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim thats what i use and they work a treat. Oh i must mention though older PS2 may have trouble with +R discs, i not saying they dont read them im just saying they may have trouble with them.


[B]Jedi Master Yoda[/B]: It is always possible that embedded optical devices may have a lower build quality…

To increase compatibility, bitsetting DVD+R is always a good idea. :slight_smile:


PS2 versions 1, 2 and 3 will always have problems in reading DVD+R media - even if it is bitset to DVD-ROM.

The lens’ in those machines just weren’t designed to read anything but dash media. You have to remember that they were manufactured pre-2002.

And correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t the DVD+R/RW format introduced to the public in 2002? So DVD+R playback in those machines is unlikely.


Well the slimline PS2 will read +R discs but I would recommend using Verbatim 8x -R or 16x -R if you can’t use the 8x. The 8x -R load faster in my fussy DVD players and I have not had trouble with them in the PS2. What kind of DVD burner do you have btw?


Don’t believe specs too much, my old Pioneer A05 could read DVD+R with booktype.
Even a original 10000 reads DVD+R smoothly, it’s common to PS2. My 15000 reads DVD+R perfectly. :bigsmile:
Though, you have to booktype to DVD-ROM, normal DVD+R is [I]NO[/I].


Just a note…For all my other console burns I’ve used Ritek -R 8x (g05) and Optodisc -R 8x without any fails.

But for my newly modded PS2 (slim v15) none of those work, the only thing I’ve gotten to work that is in my dvd collection are my 16x Optodiscs, and they’re flaky at best.

I’ve never had problems with optodisc in the past.


Well, you’re very lucky if your RITEK G05 still work.
Most of us had lots of trouble with these, and they’re infamous for their degradation. :frowning:


Everyone seems to say Verbatim, any specific product code (like G05 etc) or a specific speed?


Well on my slimline (v15) and on my old Full size PS2 (v5) i use Verbatim x8 -R (MCC02RG20), Taiyo Yuden -R x16 (TYG03) and Taiyo Yuden -R x8 (TYG02) and they work perfectly fine. They x16 disc’s was burnt at x12 and the other 2 at x8


Hmmm…I had a couple 4x Optodiscs here…just tried one, worked perfectly.

Ugh, weird…


Lol… G05 always worked brilliant, right after it was burnt. Then 6 months or so down the track… :a


Ugh…great…I have a bunch…

Anyhow, it appears my Optodisc 8x +R work perfectly.



I don’t know much about optodisc, but as long as they work perfectly and aren’t filled with errors.

I saw a review on cdrinfo, the optodisc had quite a low reflectiveness. This can vary from disc to disc but I doubt it would be much higher than what they measured, which was .38

Personally, I would be using some verbatim 8x -R for my PS2 games. Or other verbatim if you can’t find the 8x -r. They burn with low errors and high reflectiveness, so the ps2 laser would struggle less.

But I can’t say there is too much wrong with optodisc 0R8. As long as it doesn’t degrade over time like Ritek G05, it should be fine to use.