Best media to back up old weak-laser console games?



I am trying to figure out what is the best media to make backups of my old games for old consoles like the Sega CD, PC-engine, Saturn,
not to mention other weak-laser 5th generation consoles like the Amiga CD32, 3DO, etc.)

This is the time period when consoles used CD’s for the very first time!

Almost all of these systems were made when 650MB media was common, most were made to use 4x cd’s and almost all of them have varying degrees of very weak lasers.

I am wondering if anyone here has any suggestions of specific CD’s (not just which brand but more specific than that) for this situation.

Anyone have any specific CD suggestions? Also any specific burner suggestions?

I have an internal LG GSA-H22N burner and have a Pioneer DVR-115DBK with a SYBA SD-U2PLA-525 NEC chipset enclosure coming in the mail.


The H22N is a pretty good CD-R writer @ 16x.

If you were to find some good quality Verbatim Super Azo discs and burnt @ 16x with dead flat jitter, you’d most likely have a working disc. These discs are getting hard to find though and if you do find them, they can sometimes be not so great anyways (jitter not perfect).

Taiyo Yuden are also fairly compatible. You may still be able to buy 650MB ones too. The H22N does a good job of burning them with low jitter so that would help. Try find some 650 or 700MB TY CD-R.

Weak lasers can be hard to please though. Even my best TY discs written with perfect flat jitter and low errors sometimes don’t boot on my old PS2. Old PS1 has no trouble with them though.

Taiyo Yuden CD-R written @ 16x should be as good a burn as you can make. Btw I’m pretty sure the Pioneer 115 is a good CD-R writer too that produces low jitter. Either way, 16x is the sweet spot for both those writers IIRC.


100% agree to what cd pirate said.

Although I have to add, that not all old consoles had a crappy drive.
Both of my Saturns have no problem in reading MIC media with high C1 average and > 9% jitter.
My 3DO FZ-1 is a bit pickier, but it plays CMC 48x CD-Rs burned at 16x flawlessly.


Sorry its taken me so long to respond.

I’ve been looking up different media for the old consoles based on the suggestions here.

One thing I came up with is “That’s” CD-R, CDR74WPYSBN which is just about the only CD’s I can find made by Taiyo Yuden
that are 650MB. Only problem is I’d have to use a deputy service to buy them from Japan, though its not a HUGE problem. Unless there’s a way to buy them directly either stateside or from Europe.

Otherwise I could just get 700MB Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim Super Azo.

Most of the time, I’ve done fine with 700MB TDK’s. but for some games that just won’t burn right, I’m tempted to try a 650MB.

Or perhaps 700MB is just fine, I’m not sure.


Verbatim pastel CD-R made in japan u can get em on svp if ure from the uk their taiyo yuden :slight_smile: , or try :confused:


Sorry if I wasn’t clear.

I am looking specifically for 650MB, 74 minute CD’s. Preferably Taiyo Yuden. I can only find these from Japanese stores that will not send directly to the US. I am trying to find a source that will ship directly to the US. I don’t really care what country they are shipped from as long as they ship directly without me needing a deputy “go-between” or “middleman” service.

The only reason why is that for the old consoles, CD’s were 650MB, not 700MB.

I do not know if the difference between 650MB and 700MB really makes a difference or not, it’s just something that I have read on
forums dedicated to old consoles, but I know that often these forums have misinformation.

95% of the time, 700MB, 80minute CD’s (I’ve been using TDK’s but I am going to switch to Taiyo Yuden) work fine for me. I just wanted to see if 650MB, 74 minute CD’s burned at 16x would work for that other 5% of the time.

I am very experienced on how to rip and burn old console games properly, so I don’t think that that is it.

There are other brands that have 650MB, but I am finding it difficult to find Taiyo Yuden’s at 650MB.

I don’t want to make this harder than it needs to be though. I was thinking about using “normal” 700MB, 80 minute Taiyo Yuden’s or Verbatims for backing up most of my games, and trying 650MB, 74 minute CD’s for the hard-to-back up games.

But I don’t want to waste time and money if it makes no difference.

I’ve also considered getting a new burner as my trusty LG GSA-H22N has been used heavily, though my new Pioneer should be fine for this. I don’t think that that is the problem though because my LG still works fine for the majority of games.

The only 650MB, 74 minute made by Taiyo Yuden Cd’s that I can find are the “That’s” CD-R, CDR74WPYSBN, and so far I can only find these from Japanese sites that will not ship directly to the US.


74 minute cdr’s are hard to find and i have only seen them on japenese site’s. It won’t matter whether there 74 or 80 minute cdr’s, if i recall correct PS1 games where only on 74 minute disc’s and alot of my PS1 backups are on 80 minute cdr’s but ether Verbatim Super Azo disc’s or TY disc’s they all work perfectly fine.

Just use good quality cdr’s and you will be fine and if the laser is really that bad that it can’t read the backups then there’s not much you can do, 74 or 80 minute won’t make a bad laser read better.