Best Media Test

The search feature isnt working and I want the link that has the media tested as 1st rate, 2nd rate, etc.

Are you talking about If so, I would not put much value into it, there are alot of inaccuracies on the site. Also, making any graded list for media is difficult and will be filled with exceptions. And what media works well on one burner or firmware can work poorly on another. Further, some media codes can be much better than others even within a brand. It will also vary by brand the discs are sold under, etc. For example, most Ritek G04 is good media, while Ritek G05 is mostly a nightmare because of poor stability.

Your best bet is to look at the media tests in the media forum, follow the threads in the media forum for trends in media, and to look at the test results in the NEC forum for you specific burner. Find the threads for your particular burner and firmware and find out what works well for others with the same setup and what doesn’t work well.

No more coasters is a joke.
Problem is that they generalized way to much.
Still if you want it you can check.

But I suggest that taking a look on the test results on this board incombination with C’t test results (summaries can be found in cdrlabs forum) are probably much better as that crappy list.

That page is just considering the success rate of the burns, so it’s almost worth nothing. I got 100% burning success rate with both my CMC and MBI DVD+R discs, for example, although I’m not believing that they are the top notch discs.

The results are bias crap based on…, what? 0-50% success rate for CMC, Optodisc - I’ve used huge amounts of CMC with less than 1% failures on several drives :rolleyes:? Suggestions of Ritek -R media being better than MBI, CMC - users of G05 would disagree. :rolleyes: UME001 as the second to last among ALL of the media on the entire list, yet it burns fine for me on my burners without a single coaster - PI/PIF scans aren’t perfect, but PIF levels around 1000 and no deterioration or playback issues at all. It’s basically a joke as darkhaas points out.

Thanks, I thought I would use that as a reference, but I guess not.

I would rate the following way. Way out in first is TY T02, then TYG03, then MCC 004, then MCC 003, followed by MCC 02RG20 and MCC 03RG20. At the end is Ritek. All the rest is varying degrees of “good on some drives, not so good on others”. As to logevity, the jury is out but the smart money is on TY and MCC.

[B]The [/B] first rate media tests are here and Taiyo Yuden won with a close second from
recent verbatim entries.

edit, charles my best burns were with tyg01 and yuden t02(older batches)

My best burn was with…wait for it…an Infiniti-branded MCC004, burned at 12x. :eek:

Closely followed by the majority of my YUDEN000 T02’s. :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:
I guess you’d call that “to Infiniti & beyond”. :doh:

I get great results with both MCC 03RG20 & MCC 004. I’d put these ahead of any TY 16x media.

As you can see, the preferrence will sway people between TY and MCC. The big problem is MCC quality control and variability. MCC discs are made by three different manufacturers and they all differ to some degree. MBI made MCC 004 are [I]really[/I] different. I have found that this can really confuse burners that “learn” the media. Given that TY are more consistent, I would give them the edge. When you add 16X media, the edge goes back to MCC. Quite a bit depends on what burner you have.

I have a few near coasters, even a messed up bitsett, QS95 but won’t play in any standalone, with verbatim mcc 004(always burned at 8x) but never a bad disk with TYG’s or Yuden T02’s. The verbatim’s were all from tawain. 150 verbs/500-600 TY’s

Well I have yet to have a Verb fail to play, except ofcourse through damage of the disc, and all that are available where I go shopping are MIT Verbs. Now I am soley on Verbs though I have my eyes on a 10 pack of TYs I might buy to test.

Nowerdays I would like Chas put Ritek very low down, though not at the end as I ahven’t tried every disc available and there may be worse ones out there. Whereas before I was quite a fan of the G04s and mine are still readable.

2 Things.

1 PEOPLE PEOPLE. Initial low error rates are no guarantee for long life time.
Verbatim most times burns slightly worse as TY however in accelerated ageing test they perform most times slightly better in the end. (More stable).
And even while accelerated ageing tests say not much about how long it will life in the end it does say that MCC media is slightly more stable.
These tests have indicated mostly from day 1 that RitekG05 wasn’t very stable and that was befor people were reporting problems.

Agree. However I don’t had problems with learning media incase of my Philips drive and solidburn. Just clean strategy with a new batch of verbatim and it will work good at least that’s my experience.

Downside of that dak is that you loose all the learnt stratagies and so have to go through the process of getting the ones it has learnt re-learned. It’s a shame you can’t just delete one entry from the learnt list.