Best media from SVP?

I’ve always been a fan of traxdata discs, but since they’ve gone bust I can’t find them anywhere :frowning: Time for a new brand, which do you recommend the most from SVP?

Thinking of going for the unbranded taiyos, are they as good as the branded ones? Price doesn’t really matter that much, im just after good discs! If you can recommend a few choices that would be great :slight_smile:

TY only makes one kind of CDR, the only difference is the paint job. I see that some sellers are packaging discs now in shrink wrap with no spindle or protection of any kind. That bothers me and I would inspect them very carefully.

Here are some Taiyo Yuden on a spindle:

decisions decisions :smiley: Never had any experiance with taiyos discs before. In my experiance the verbatim data plus seem like a safe bet. I haven’t used them for a while now, how’s their repuatation these days?

The Verbatim DLP have mixed quality, depending on the place of mfg and the batch. TY have much better quality control, but they’re not perfect either. Given the choice, I’d take TY. Worst case with the Verbatim is you would have to burn them slower than the rating to get good results.

hey rd, any idea what dye the verbatims DLP use? I read that their spindle batches aren’t as good as the jewel cased and use CMC dye…

Verbatim DLP is made is several different places, they all use the same azo dye. This is true regardless of the packaging.

reading this thread it seems likes the new batches of verbatim spindles are made by CMC not MCC

do you think this will effect the quality of the disc?

Let me re-phrase:
You can buy 3 spindles off the shelf and get media made in 3 different places. Same is true of the media in jewel cases. The ATIP on the stamper may say CMC or Mitsubishi, but it’s the same dye and same mfg plant in both cases if it is made in Taiwan. Further more, the media made in the same plant with the same materials can also vary in quality.
No generalizations should be inferred. This is the same dilema that is present with virtually all media, except for the few exceptions like TY.