Best Media For Use With NEC 3550?

Hello. I am new to all this so I am posting here first. But I suspect it belongs better in another forum. This is my second attempt to post this but the first one did not show up. Hope this does better… Thanks in advance.

I just ordered an NEC 3550 from Newegg. I could not find an on-point review of this model, only the 3450. But those reviews were quite good and I am hoping that the 3550 is just an improved model that does not introduce any new issues. Please let me know if you have found this NOT to be the case.

With the drive on its way, I need to consider media. I plan to use this drive almost exclusively for archival storage of computer records, no movies, music, etc. I can be happy, at least now, without DL media. My concerns are quality, accuracy, stability, of the archival data while stored in a safe deposit vault in the bank.

I have read the reviews on the 3450 and find the media tests pretty technical for a newbie. It seems to me, however, that they point to somewhat better results with +R than with -R. Am I reading this correctly?

At any rate, does anyone have recommendations on the specific brands/types that I should avoid or pursue?


NEC3550 is a better burner than NEC3540 but it’s a crappier reader so you should have a good dvd reader in your computer. I suggest you use some top quality media because of filestorage, so go with tayo yuden discs they seem to be one of the best out there, check the forums for what media that is I’m not sure.

Taiyo Yuden are about the best you’ll get but not always easy to source. Verbatim 16x +R DVDs are easy to find & these are very nearly as good as the TYs and shouldn’t disappoint.

Verbatium 8x are also good but be warned that verbatim no longer produces 8x media, and has started using media made by other manufactures that is not near as good. Make sure that you get 16x or if you get 8x, use dvd identifier to make sure the media you got has an mcc or mkm media code. Verbatim (with mcc/mkm media codes) are top qulaity and pretty easy to find.