Best Media for the DW1650

I can’t seem to find a single source for this info. I see the MIJ Sony are suppose to be good, any other widely available disks that will give me good burns? Do they always have to be MIJ?

Where do you live? Sources will vary be location. Sony MIJ 8x+R’s are Taiyo Yuden, which, along with Verbatim, are the 2 best. The 16x Sony MIJ and MIT are Sony made and not quite as good.

MIJ is usually a good sign of quality media. Anything else (except Verbatim MIT) is a crapshoot.

Are there variances in the Verbatim, or are they all good?

MIT or MIS (Singapore) is better than the Made in India consistentcy wise. Avoid the Pearl Whites like the plague!

I agree fully on the White Pearl ‘advice’. I compared them (PIE/PIF scans) with MCC004 Verbs, and they were no match.

About the Made in India thing: I just burned and scanned half a 100-spindle of 16x MII MCC004’s the last few days, and none of them were below 95%, with an average of 98%. Could be luck of course. We’ll see, 250 more to go…

Yes, but I think most people grade by total pif more than quality score. I’ve had TYG03 burn on my 1650 with 95+QS, but have 6k pif or so, which really isn’t a good result I would think. MCC004 seems to burn decent on my 1650, TY T02 burned better but my 1640 does so well with it I won’t be burning it with another drive.

Verbatim suffer from consistency issues (but so does 99% of media these days :stuck_out_tongue: ) . Prodisc manufactured Verbatim which is MIT is not as good as MBI manufactured Verbatim which is MII in my personal experience and has very annoying air bubbles/deformation problems around the hub area aswell on a lot of the discs I have used. :rolleyes:

CMC manufactured (PAPA type serial numbers) are the most recommended 16x Verbatims for consistency. MIS 16x Verbatim is very rare and no longer manufactured anyway, AFAIK.

Ok I’m still a little confused about this, I don’t understand all the PIE/PIF stuff yet. So I’ll ask what I need to know in a way I understand. I finally realised why people don’t like generic media for backup purposes, so I need to find out what’s good media as well.

For the BenQ DW1650:

What is some good DVD-R 8x media?

What is some good DVD+R 8x media?

What is some good DVD-R 16x media?

What is some good DVD+R 16x media?

Could I get a top 5 for each. From what I understand with a little reading TDK, Verbatim, and TY are the brands to look at but I’m still uncertain.


My last lot of TDK 16x -R’s were ok.

But TDK also has different manufacturers, I bought a new batch of TDK -R’s and these look like they’re CMC made (from the looks of the spindle). They might prove to be much better than the other lot I had (also MIT, but elsewhere probably)

My Verbatim 16x -R’s are burning better than the TDK’s, but only on PIF scores. PI is high at the beginning and end of the discs (MIT - Prodisc).

My LG 4167B can burn them with a much better PI score. PIF spikes are higher, but come less often

I want to try some CMC Verbatims to compare, but I’ll have to wait, I’ve got ~130 discs I can use still :smiley:

My best PIF score to date:

You can find some more generic opinions in these polls in the Blank Media forum:

Which DVD+R media is best for long-term storage?
Which DVD-R media is best for long-term storage?

These polls are not specific to the BenQ drive, however.

Verbatim and TY are pretty safe. Also Maxell 16x DVD+R/DVD-R as long as they are Made in Japan. This is also confirmed from the Polls that DrageMester linked to.

I just posted some scan results with both Maxell DVD+R 8x (Made in Japan) media (MAXELL 002) and Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 8x (TYG02) silver lacquer. I believe the TYs came out a little better (97 vs 94 quality) with PI failures much lower (611 vs. 1857). The PI errors, though were higher for the TYs 95K vs 23K. I believe I am going to stick with the TYs (Taiyo Yuden part number DVD-R47ZZSB8 (silver lacquer)) which can be had from or for about $20 shipped for the 50 pack.

Granted, this was burned with my 1640, but yes, there are variences in Verbatims. 3 of my last 4 packs of 16x +R’s have had “issues”. So much so, that I’m looking for a new favorite +R media. I had great luck with Verbatim for over a year, with only one bad batch. But lately…I just can’t justify $14.99, with a 75% chance of getting junk.

If your posted scan is supposed to show that your Verbatims are junk, then perhaps you should re-scan at the forum standard 8x speed instead of maximum speed?

You should also consider burning your 16x DVD+R media at 12x instead of 16x, because the BenQ DW1640 has a well known “problem” in that it produces comb-like PIF scans at the end of 16x DVD+R burns, but this doesn’t happen on 12x burns, nor on 16x DVD-R burns IIRC.

Is the rule of thumb to generally burn 16x media at 12x?

The rule of thumb is whatever works best for your particular discs.

Personally, my 12x burns on Verbatim -R’s have (paradoxically) been worse than 16x or 8x. I don’t know why, but I’ve tested this with about a dozen discs.

I just burn at 8x now

The first 3 images were burned at 12x on my 1640, after taking some advice on 8x being too slow (even though my previous 150+ burns at 8x were all great). The last scan was one of my burns at 8x where I first started noticing some issues with MCC004 media.

I stand by my criticism of recent Verbatim batches.

I agree some MCC 004 batches are clearly better than others. While it’s acceptable in every way, the attached movie burn shows much heavier PIFs and elevated PIEs earlier in the burn. This has been typical of this particular batch no matter which burner I use, which burning program and which of two computers. So it’s definitely the batch and not any outside influence.

Although the numbers aren’t bad, they would have been excellent if the first half of the burn had been as good as the last half.

Burn: 12x
WOPC: off
OS: off
SB Supported Disc: off
SB Un-Known Disc: on

Others have been having trouble with MCC004 media also:

Seem to be on a bit of a decline :confused:

I just opened a new box of Verbatim MCC 004 and it’s even worse than the last box. Media that has generally been considered “second class” is better than this.

These three scans are of the same movie burned at 12x on Verbatim and 8x on both Office Depot 16x (RicohJpn R03) and Ritek 8x (Ritek R03). I did an 8x burn with the Verbatim as well, but the 12x burn was very slightly better.

If I were trying to decide which of these three burns to keep, the Verbatim would be my first discard!