Best media for sensitive backups?

I’m sure this has been posted, but I would like an answer to my specific question instead of me just trying to guess! :doh:

I will be getting a DW1650 on Monday (looking forward to it, it’s replacing my venerable NEC 2500!). I need advice on what media to purchase for it. I will be using the media to backup sensitive personal information as well as family movies. Needless to say, I want the burns to last for years! I know that the suggestion is to burn them on two different medias to ensure protection against data loss. Which media should I purchase? Taiyo Yuden +R T02, +R T03, -RTYG02, or -R TYG03? Verbatim MCC004?

Thanks guys, and I’m sorry for asking a question that I’m sure has been asked before. I just want to make sure that I don’t lose my important data!

Hi :slight_smile:
While I personally have no problems TY 16x media. If you look around the forum, it does appear to give mixed results for most users. With that in mind get some TY YUDEN000T02+ 8x media along with some MCC 004(this will probably be best to write @ 12x for sensitve backups). Neither will disappiont, but you may prefer one over the other.

Thanks zebadee.

I see T02 at for decent prices. Where is the best place (cheapest?) to buy MCC 004? And do all Verbatim +R 16x have the MCC 004 code?


Hi :slight_smile: seems as good as anywhere. The Verbatim 16x AFAIK should be MCC 004. In the UK thats been the case. If get you get both from rima, just one lot of p&p.

I’m currently using Taiyo Yuden TYG03 from Meritline. I’ve used it on both an NEC 3540A and an LG 4167B, and the media works superb on both. Excellent scans, a bit better than the Verbatim MCC03RG20 which I’ve also used. Though, I would highly recommend both.

TY 16X also works well for me (T03 media), as does MCC media. Highly recommend both MCC and TY in 8x and 16x speed formats.

Swish it is a heartbreak when you have to replace such a stalwart burner, I used to have that one too was wonderful.

I wuold say that if your back ups are that sensative/precious it is better to back it up to two type and two formats. If you are using TY 16x +R it would be also an idea to back them up to Verbatim 16x -R, this is just an insurance policy. I do it with all mine and store one set away from the other, for example one of my sets is at a friends who lives in a different block from me.

I thought TY16x were still abit tempremental while waiting for the firmware to catch up with them. Has this changed?

Not really, but with the number of new drives which are scheduled for release the next months, this problem should be able to resolve itself.
TY hasn’t completely switched to 16x production anyway, I think 8x media is still better for the moment to play safe.

I’ve had much better experiences with MCC 004 than I had with MCC 03RG20…

But not everyone buys new drives when they come out that’s why I thought from reading they can still be a bit tempremental while we waited for firmware to catch up.

I have had good experiences with both the MCCs though for video the MCC03 is more compatible amongst those I know than MCC004 bitset as ROM. Though for data back up both have worked great for me, just got my TY 8x -Rs last week to.

Thanks, I’ll stock up on CMC-made MCC003. The 8x DVD+R has almost fully disappeared in local B&M shops.

These would be the 2 discs I would choose for important data. Store in seperate locations for added security and you should be pretty safe.

The MCC03 is the 16x -R not + I just couldn’t be bothered typing the whole thing out. I should have typed it like you did: MCC 03RG20, my bad sorry kg.

I was going to suggest Maplins, but then I remembered you’re not in the UK, so that wouldn’t have been of any help.

So the 16x +R/-R Taiyo Yuden isn’t “mature” enough yet to rely on 100% (perhaps 95%?), and all Verbatim 16x +R is MCC 004?

Is there a cheaper (and reliable) place to get the MCC 004 than <a href=“”>here</A>?

Use the 8x TYs they are a proven disc. Yes all 16x +R Verbs are MCC004, -Rs are MCC03RG20.

Can’t commment on Rima I am in the UK, but all you have to do is search for RIma and see what sort of comments are given about it here.

Bestbuy this week offers Verbatim 16x for $14.99 / 50pack. 100pack would be $29.98 which is $10 cheaper than rima.

Man, for that price, should the Verbatim MCC 004 be my main media? Is it equal to the T02?

I’m sorry guys, please bear with me, I’m really a newbie when it comes to this stuff.

Man, for that price, should the Verbatim MCC 004 be my main media? Is it equal to the T02?

MCC-004 is very good media for the Benq DW 1650. My scans show me this media has to be burned at least 8x. Fewer errors at 12x than at 4x. Don’t burn these at 2.4x. I got too many crc errors on my backups at that speed. I go 8x on them and the Yuden000-T02. MCC-004 scans are a lot better than Yuden000-T02. It’s the finest 16x media I have used.I haven’t gotten a hold of any Yuden000-T03’s yet. Those Yuden000-T02 are extinct my way. Being replaced by regular SonyD21.

The 1650 drives booktype out of the box-or at least,suppose to.
I do backing up original dvds,and no data. I don’t know how the compatability of data dvds fare. For movies,good luck on finding a player that won’t recognize your booktyped MCC-004 backups.

My 1650 also burns Ty-G02 very well. These are not booktyped and only for my personal drives. I have to watch out for whoever watches these.Huge compatability difference,compared to my plus media-booktyped to dvd-rom.

If you ever get MCC 004 Made in India however (not available in North America so far), you really absolutely definitely need to burn them with SolidBurn ON!

Did I make myself clear?!

The difference can be quite staggering!

Not always, on the 1650 I have, SB doesn’t improve my Made in India MCC004 by any great amount, infact, a lot of the burns with SB=On are worse than when I set SB=Off. With SB=Off, at 8x, it comes close to what I can achieve with my 1620.