Best media for recording mp3 as data for use in car mp3player

hey guys what s up i have a question I just bought a Clarion in dash dvd/vcd/mp3 player it works cool with the dvd/vcd but with the mp3 it seems to skip alot i thought maybe i was recording it to fast(8x) so i tried 6x and 4x but i seem to have the same problem with it skipping. Anyone know the best media for recording mp3 as data ? thanks:D

Check our topic on to read other people’s opinions on different brands of CDR.

Try a A-brand CDR for this, the cheaper brands usually give problems in car stereo, for they have waker laser units

Usually with audio cd’s you get the best quality using “gold” cd-r’s

I agree with the gold cdrs. Auto cd players… and home players thats older, will sometimes have problems with other colors of media. Also for audio recording… always do a “disk at once”