Best media for playback in Nakamichi?

I have a Nakamichi CD-760 car CD player, and it seems to be very picky. I have tried nonam CDs (Ritek and Princo) and they all sound HORRIBLE (lots of jitter) no matter what speed I burn them at in my Plex 48X. I tried a Verbatim Datalifeplus AZO BLUE TECHNOLOGY and it worked PERFECT.

I read on other forums that CDs made in Taiwan are JUNK and only ones made in Japan are good. The ZAO BLUE I tested were made in Taiwan. Are there other CDs I should try? ANy recommendations? Anyone have experiance with a Nak?


Originally posted by ap0calyps
CDs made in Taiwan are JUNK

Most CDRs made in Taiwan are junk.
Verbatim Azo are good CDRs and they’re made in Taiwan, among other places.

Take a look at the “Media Forum”.

Edit: OK, you’ve already done it :stuck_out_tongue:
All Azo CDRs are Mitsubishi, usually sold under Verbatim brand.