Best Media for Pioneer 109 burner

Yeah I just bought a Pioneer DVD burner. Yeah I took a long time before I realized the need for a DVD burner. Funny considering, I got a CD burner when they were like still $300…

Ok so I’ve been using the Fujifilm CD-Rs (the Taiyo Yuden ones) for years. Looks like they are continuing their quality (TY and Fuji) for DVD media.

However Fuji loved to jump around with Prodisc for their CD-R discs. My Lite-On drive didn’t like those very much.

Should I continue using Fuji DVD media if they use TY? I assume it’s still pretty easy to tell (“Made in Japan” stamped on the packaging). Does Fuji use other manufacturers for DVD media like they did with CD-R media?

Now here’s another question, DVD-R or DVD+R? Does Fuji use TY for both formats? I mean in terms of quality and compatibilty (DVD+R or DVD-R).

Also even though the packaging may say 8x, can the Pioneers burn these at faster speeds (say 16x or 12x)?

The thing to watch with the Pioneer 109 is the firmware. Alot of people haven’t been able to get decent burns out of them until the V1.40 firmware came out. TY is an excellent choice as always, however, the Fuji re-brands seem to be hit and miss for quality as of late. It is something to do with Fujifilm discs because the actual TY unbranded discs that you pick up from the net don’t have these problems.

I purchased a 109 last month and it worked fine after I replaced my IDE cable with a 80 pin cable even before I updated to 1.40 I also purchased prodisc 8X from shop4tech,com and they have all burned and played great. Below is where you can get a list of media for pioneer 109