Best media for NEC3500?

I just installed my new NEC3500 in my PC and burned two of the Newegg -R discs that came with it and they came out fine with no errors. I just bought the 50pack of Fuji DVD+R discs (made in Japan) from Bestbuy. Will I be OK with +R or should I stay with -R? I’m confused :confused:

Thanks in advance for any input!


Those Fuji +R’s (if they are 8x) should be Taiyo Yuden - and if so - will burn at 16x in your 3500-

BTW - they are some of the finest media in the consumer DVD media world-

I use Taiyo Yuden + and - 8x R’s; Ritek 8x -R’s and they all work great! when you run out you can find these at for very reasonable prices - “A” grade - and a very good reseller-

Happy Burnin’


Cool…They are 8x. Thanks for the information. Now I’ll have to figure out how to burn at higher than 4x as I did with the first couple I did.


The free media from Newegg are 4x Riteks - and SHOULD only burn at 4x-

Just remember - your 3500 is media MID code sensitive - and will ONLY burn at what the firmware detects the code/speed are good for a quality burn-