Best media for NEC 2500/2510A?

Im thinking of buying a 2510A and i figure it will like the same single layer media as the 2500A does…so, from those who have this drive, what is your experience with the best media (what works good, what doesnt?)

Check this thread for the best media and where to get it:

The best available is YUDEN000T01 (Taiyo Yuden), MCC 002 (Mitsubishi Chemical), and RICOHJPNR01. You will be VERY happy with any of these three.

Ok, ive been considering the Verbatim disks (cant decide if i want/need + or - …ive heard - is more compatible, but many people are suggesting + media). but verbatim is expensive. ive been looking at Ritek and it looks good. the reviews on newegg (which i dont always trust) show people having good luck with Ritek media and 2500A drives…im just going to go with the 2510A because its only $20 more…

i also dont know what all the craze about which firmware to use is all about…

I think you can do some reading in the NEC forum. If you’re not sure whether you need to be in the “craze”, stick the the stock f/w :wink: