Best Media for my 2500a

I have been a long time user of Riteks, but I’m almost out of my latest 100 pack and after reading all the horror stories I’d like to switch disks.

Any reccomendations on what to buy for my NEC-2500a on firmware 1.06. I might also upgrade firmware to 1.07Hv2b4.

I have always used -R disks, but i’d be willing to try +R.

Thanks in advance

If in the UK go for the Datawrite Grey 8x DVD-R’s. Nice discs (and cheap!) especially when burned at 4x. Get them from

I just bought 100 for £36 :slight_smile:

If you want some of THE BEST media.
Get the Samsung - Taiyo Yuden +R here for the best price I have seen so far. In fact it was $59.99 before it went out of stock. Now back in stock.


I’ve been using Ritek, both G04 and G05 with variable results - although the majority are OK. I’m looking for a replacement disk here in the UK and the Datawrite seem to fit the bill.

Any idea on compatability with these disks (Datawrite Grey) will they play on the majority of stand alones?

Have you run KProbe and the like on these? If so can you share the results please?

Thanks for the tip

Why not to HV2B5 ?

If thats better than I would use it. In another thread someone reccomended that firmware.

I am in the US.

I’m looking for a moderately priced (~50-75 cents/disk) media.

Thanks again for all who have helped

I don’t have the means to do a kprobe scan of the Datawrite Greys. Not tested in DVD player either (I use mainly to burn data not video). But I doubt they will be a problem. They give a smooth read curve right up to 14x on my Lite-On 166S when burned at 4x. 6x and 8x the read curve gets a bit up and downy. I treat them as quality 4x media and forget the 8x rating.

If you go for +R, I think the choice is quite narrow. The number of brands are actually less than -R and most of them are… either I don’t believe them or just too expensive. Hmm… Ritek branded RICOHJPN01 may barely fit in your standard. (As long as you’re sure of the media code.)

I’ve been recently thinking of prodisc +4x or +8x for the next purchase (one or two months later). Even the 8x one are cheap enough for your 50~70c standard. But their +R is not as famous as their -R discs so… I don’t have enough clues to judge. (Some people even claimed that +4x prodisc is better than the +8x one. Really?)

The above Samsung-TY one in a little bit off your budget, but regarding TY brand name… maybe worth considering.

I just recently got a 50 pack of verbatim 4x -R in the US. Its working great right now though I’m being slow about my burning speed of 2x. These are a whole lot better than the imation RITEKG03 -Rs I’ve got lying around.

2x? Your crazy! Those should burn perfectly at 4x. They can even handle 8x respectably.

If the TY work well, I’ll order them right now.

Even $1 a disc isn’t bad as long as i know its going to give me a good burn.

When I bought my old Pioneer A04 burner, i paid $2.50 a disc and that was a steal.

If you want to spend a dollar a disc, then you might like taiyo yuden, both + and - are really good, really good. And they write @8speed.
I’m now using mostly arita dvd-r (ritek g04) 0.60euro and arita dvd+r (ricoh) 0.80euro.
They are quite good and I like the fact I can even burn them at 8x without a lot of errors (and herrie’s firmware).

I use the DVD+ Prodye with mediaID: POMSC001002 before I used to have the RICOHJPN01 but these disk are not in the same quality on NEC2500 when burned with herries firmware 1.07b

I have burned over Prodye 75 DVDs with herries firmware 1.07b and have never had a coaster yet.

verbatim pastel are the best i’ve ever used. They have the TY dye, check out some of my scans and you will see how impressive these discs really are…

That is not the first time that I hear positive statements about DVD+Rs with POMSC media code. If I remember correctly, ProDye media are manufactured by 3a media in Austria. In a German forum, these discs are highly recommended by many users. I also contacted some clients of an Ebay vendor who sells these discs. All of them are impressed by these discs.

Since the availability of ricohjpnr01 DVD+Rs is very good in my town, I’ll stick to these media, though.

I use with NEC 2510(asume there is no diffrence between the 2510 and 2500 reguarding result of burning same media) and earlier 1300(have testburned media with 2510 that was good/bad with the 1300 with no big diffrence (note 1.08 Holiday in 1300 and 2.15 stock in 2510):
Traxdata dvd-r 4x (Ritek G04) with good result
Ridisc dvd-r 4x (Ritek G04) same as traxdata, good media.
Traxdata dvd+r 4x (RICOHJPN01) same as dvd-r, verry good media.
Platinum dvd+r 4x (RICOHJPN01) Good and cheap too.
Platinum dvd+r 4x ( Ritek R02) same at the one with RICOHJPN01.
Ritek dvd+r 4x Grade-A overprinted, purple with RICOHJPNR, good media.
Datawrite Red V2 dvd-r 4x (AN31) Ok media for that money
Not using this any more:
Datawrite Red V2 dvd-r 4x (INFOSM…ART) Not as good as AN31 of same brand.
Princo 4x dvd-r, not good, readtest in dvd info pro below 4x, bad media, but some batch i have come across was better than the last one i tested.
SW TECH 4x (OPTODI…SCK) Not too good.
I have not burn Ritek G04 in 6x or 8x yet, waiting for native fw with bitsetting from herrie to windowsflash the burner.
Some of the bad media may be better with better fw.

How about Ricoh r00 dvd+r?
I have used Ricoh r01 dvd+r with 1.07v2b5 and had good results, I’ll post some later, but can I burn ricoh r00 @8x and with good results? I can buy those discs at 0.50 euro a piece :D.