Best Media for Music CDs

Does anybody know what is the best media to use for music CDs?

Which media is easiest read by normal CD players?


CD-R’s that were ‘designed’ especially for Audio. These CD-R’s are usually a bit more expensive than regular CD-R’s though… Philips makes excellent Audio CD-R’s.

Those "special"audio cd’s are nothing more then others except that there is a code on the toc or something that need to be there so a cd burner (you know the hilips stand alone’s) can recognize them.
This system is used because of the possibility that on a "computer"cd-r there can be non copyrighted information on it and with the audirecorders you can only record copyrighted material so there is a kind of protection.
the higher price of äudio"cd-r’s is just a fee to the music industry.

When I read some earlier threads about quality of cd-r’s I thibk the philips premium (computer cd-r’s) are the best

The difference between a designed audio cdr and a norma cdr is… the price!! For example the first costs 2 euro the second only 0,5 euro. It’s in this way because in the first case you pay a kind of tax for making copy of copyrighted sounds.
That’s what I know