Best Media for LiteOn 812 updated to 832?

If i get the firmware update for the LiteOn 812 making it an 832, can anyone reccomend what kind of recordable DVD media I should get along with it? I’m looking for something thats going to be pretty dependable but trying to find a good deal on it somewhere. I saw Ritek for $35 for 50pack at NewEgg just wondering if there’s anything anyone would reccomend in the $35-45 price range that they’ve had good luck with. I saw Verbatim, but everwhere I’ve seen lately its kind of pricey. I know i have another post from before, i just decided to throw this last quesion in a new post.



For that price range? Hmm… Get the Ritek +R discs from Newegg, then.

I’ve also been seeing some surprisingly good results with Prodiscs (can be found at Rima) on 812S/832S, though at this time, I haven’t seen enough data points to recommend those…

does anyone know if these work for it? they are from Ritek they are ridata and cheaper.

Ritek DVD+R 4.7G 2.4X Single Sided Write Once Media 50pk, Model DRD+47-RD-SM, OEM

RIDATA 4X DVD+R 4.7G 50PK, Model DRD+47-4X-RDSM, OEM

Just wondering if anyone had success with them with the 812 or after updating to the 832.

Do some media types work better after updating the firmware or ones that didn’t work before start working, just wondering.


My personal experience with the 2.4x RiData +R media is that they burn beautifully at 4x (hacked fw, of course) with various 812S and 832S firmwares (didn’t really detect a difference in the end result between different firmwares). When bumped up to 6x or 8x, about half of them coastered (and the other half turned out quite nicely… but then again, this is 2.4x-rated media :wink: … I guess this just shows how much media variation there is just within one 50-pack of discs). Of course, with Ritek’s recent fall in quality and the increased variation in their end-product, your results may vary quite a bit from what I got. If I were you, I’d probably get 6x or 8x a try just to see, but won’t get my hopes up. 4x will probably work nicely.

As for the 4x RiData media, I have no experience with them. I know that in the past, they have been RICOHJPNR01, which is pretty good, but my understanding is that Ritek has switched these discs to RITEKR02 or RITEKR03 (yes, I know, R03 is technically 8x, but Ritek’s been packaging them into some of their 4x packages for some reason). Based on what I’ve seen, RITEKR02 and RITEKR03 performance is really a shot in the dark, as I’ve seen lots of variation. Some have been able to get beautiful 8x burns out of them, while some struggle with them at 4x.

As you can tell, I have very little love for Ritek. It’s no secret that in order to maintain profits, they’ve been slashing back on quality control recently, so you’re always taking a bit of a gamble with them. That having been said, they aren’t too bad, and at the very least, they should burn okay at their certified speeds.

BTW, the +R discs sold under the Fuji name are RICOHJPNR01 or R02 (depending on what speeds you get). Although Ricoh discs are made by Ritek, it seems that Ritek doesn’t jack around with the Ricoh discs as much as they do with Ritek discs. So you might have better luck with the discs found in Newegg’s Fuji media section.

i also saw some HPs for 29.99 plus shipping here

The reviews seem decent haven’t heard much about HP media though


Thanks for the help, i found some cheap ProDiscs for the 812 like you mentioned and are rated pretty high at this site that ill be ordering later today.
only $32 for a 50 pack with the coupon code plus like $4 shipping.


hmmm i should try to find some to :slight_smile:

All you have to do to upgrade from a 812 to an 832 is to update the firmware? How is that possible? What’s the difference between each one and where can I download it?

The difference between the two is the firmwares…

Sorry i’m a newb at firmware, I gotta read up on it more, thx.