Best media for lite-on 40125s + nero to make audio cd?

I have a 40125s, nero
I used to have a philips 8x writer and always used datasafes and these have performed faultlessyly in every player I tried.

However, my latest batch of datasafes (same print but different disc?) will not load up on my panasonic mp3 cd player sl-mp30 whereas my old datasafes fire up immediately. I can’t work it out…

Is it my writer writing differently from the philips or have the datasafes (and fws discs come to think of it) that have caused this.

My point is, I want to be confident that my new audio cdrs will work in almost any player as they used to.

Is there a prefered media for the lite-on???

Taiyo Yuden.

Hi Space carbon cd’s work for me :slight_smile:

I’m based in the UK and these brands aren’t familiar with me. Any UK members got any recommendations?

Datasafe dont make discs, they just seem to buy the discs from wherever they get the best deal at the time, as you have found out one batch will be ok, the next may be from a differnt mfr and not be so good. In the uk the best discs are tayo yuden as already stated, but they are hard to find/expensive look for TDK (ultra) or Phillips (premium) , you can be fairly sure these are TY. If you want something cheaper use Traxdata (black/silver top) these are always Ritek discs, not quite as good as TY but at least you know what you are getting

My LiteOn 48x doesn’t like Hispace Carbon :frowning:

Philips silver premium were Tayo Yuden one year ago in France. Now they are Mitsui. Good manufacturer as well.

CD Speed detected some errors on HiSpace Carbon burned with a Yamaha CRW 3200 at 16 and 24x, but not on HiSpace Gold burned at the same speed.
Speaking of black CDs, Memorex Black turned worse than HiSpace Carbon, with both Yamaha 3200 and Yamaha 6416S burners : lots of C2 errors on audio CDs.

I hope posting this link is OK, but this is really a good resource for user reports about CDR quality : The summary of CD-R brands