Best media for LG CD-RW CED8080B?

Hi! I have an LG CD-RW CED8080B, and I was wondering if anyone could recommend the best blank CD media that I could buy to use for burning photo CDs and VCDs.

Thanks for helping!

TY have the best technology and acurate burns w/o a doubt. They will work fine with any burner.

Hey, thanks for the link, hgs! I’ll check it out

and as you live in sunny california you have the best stores to choose from :slight_smile:

nytvd- thanks for the links. I must have gone to the wrong store last night, because the only brands they had were Maxell, Memorex, Philips, and Office Depot. I got Memorex the last time and I didn’t like them. So, what do you guys think of Philips? Can I get TY in a store, or do I have to buy online?

Thanks again!

in stores TY is usualy branded (Fuji is most common).
only online will you be able to get original TY.
See if you have a Best Buy next to you, they had the Verbatim x16 both - & + for 12 bucks per 25 spindle. (that sale might still be on)
if the maxell you saw was made in japan that is great media too.


Any media made in Japan - are excellent medias IMO

The great thing about buying from is that you are assured of getting only Grade A Taiyo Yuden media - and is the best CD media for consumer use available today - and is currently $26 + reasonable shipping - for a 100 piece cakebox - (from a vendor with almost flawless customer ratings per

(you can get into fancy gold stuff for like $10 per disc)


only “downside” to original TY is there is no marking on the shiny silver side (if you do not spring for the more expensive kind) and some don’t like that. you can get used to it after a few discs.
sharpies are good for labeling.

by all means use RIMA. you won’t regret it.

Thanks for the good advice nytvd and Mike. That is a good price from Rima, and it’s good to know they are reliable. Also good to know about media made in Japan in case I need something right away and can’t wait for shipping I can get something here.

I wish I had found you guys sooner, when I had a movie on my computer in WMV format and wanted to burn it onto a CD and didn’t know how, or have the right programs to do it. I finally figured it out, though, and it took me a while, but I did it for free. If you’re curious, I can tell you what I did, but remember I’m a completely self taught newbie. You can tell me if I did it right - or laugh at my feeble attempts to get in touch with my inner geek!

welcome, glad i could help.
i would not offer judgement on your methods as i am new myself… :cool:


If your in a bind for some CD’s and want to purchase locally - Best Buy and others like Staples carries Fuji media - and if it says “Made In Japan” then you will probably get Taiyo Yuden - when I was at Best Buy earlier in the week - the Fuji 50 cakeboxes ($20) were “Made In Japan” and the 100’s ($38) were “Made In Taiwan” - lesson - read carefully!!


Are the ones made in Taiwan really bad? Can you take them back? I will definitely pay attention to where they are made from now on. The Memorex CD-Rs that I got last time were terrible. I lost so many pics! So I know to stay away from them - maybe they are made in Taiwan?

Thanks for not laughing nytvd - there’s a lot more to this burning thing than I thought!




i am not sure about the “made in taiwan” thing.
as it relates to DVD’s there is a lot of “buzz” regarding the Verbatim x16 that are on sale in various places right now.
the MID code is MCC 004 and they are made in taiwan,
according to many folks here this is excellent media.

What is MID code? And does this also go for CDs? I don’t have a DVD on my computer yet.

i think it stands for manufacturer identification (MID)

it’s like this - Memorex is not in the business of making DVD discs
so they have various factories (mainly in places like japan, taiwan, singapore,india…and some others) that make it for them and brand it as Memorex. Same for Sony, TDK, Fuji, Maxell and many others.
Some companies source their discs from “better” disc fabricators and other companies from “lesser quality” disc makers.

This is why you will see so much activity and interest in these forums relating to various discs - their quality, where they were made, who sells them and a ton of other information.

both CD and DVD discs should have MID codes and both vary in quality.
check out DvdInfoPro - a good tool to show info about your discs.