Best Media for LG Burners

I was wondering which CDRs are the best for LG 52x32x52 GCE-8525B, that can be brought in Sydney, Australia. I use Nero Express to burn CD’s

Upgrade Nero Express and get some Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim DataLifePlus/Super Azo (not the normal Extra Protection) CD-R. If you get the Verbatim DLP/Azo then buy MIC and not MII

Oooh, just a bit newer than mine, then :slight_smile:

Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim…I have some Made in Japan (TY) Extra-Protection ones :p.

LG drives love decent media…don’t feed it cheap stuff. :slight_smile:

Well, most Extra Protections are CMC, MBI, Prodisc or Daxon.

Yeah, but mine are special :bigsmile:

Yes, you UK guys (or in this case girls) are very lucky!

Heh that’s easy, havn’t even heard of extra protection in Australia.

For Taiyo Yuden CD-R you can order online from a few stores such as and

For quality verbatim CD-R, get something that says DatalifePlus (not just Datalife) if possible, or one that says AZO.

Verbatim sell some lines that are their own manufactured discs (good stuff), but they also rebadge some other cheaper stuff, which is usually branded as just Datalife. They sell some DatalifePlus inkjet and thermal (silver) printables:

Also, our Maxell CD-R shipments are usually made by RiTEK, which will burn well. You can find these at JBHIFI. Digitalcity used to stock Fujifilm branded media for an alright price, not sure if they still do or whether that included cd-r media, but I know they’re in Sydney.

The DataLife was discontinued and is now nicknamed Extra Protection! :wink:

Do they come with a free condom then?

Oh I see. Well who knows how long it will take Verbatim Australia to change over :doh:

Does anyone know what the Strathfield or Laser X branded CDRs are like

What would be the best CDRs out of this list (sorry if this is a bother, but im trying to get cheap CDRs that will work in my burner & play on my car system and HiFi systems):
Laser X

DSE - not sure, maybe CMC?
Melody - Changes all the time, will be just average stuff but not terrible.
Laser X - Laser is bottom of the barrel, strong warning against it.
LG - Average stuff, some people are happy with their quality (aint no TY though)
Shintaro - Average stuff, CMC I believe.
Strathfield - Faked MID’s galore, strong warning against buying ANYTHING from strathfield except for ricoh branded dvd+r
TDK - Slowly averaging to a lower grade CMC level, with some better and worse batches randomly.
MTV - Faked MID’s, strong warning.
Verbatim - Of the best you can buy in most Australian shops (since we don’t get much Japanese made media in retail stores)
Laser - See laser X
Samsung - check they have used a bunch of manufacturers of varying quality levels.
Akai - These are sold at strathfield, not very good discs from what i’ve used.
BenQ - These can burn well in a decent burner, not sure how LG handles them
Sony - Regarded highly by enough ppl, a safe buy.
Vertex - Their 8x dvd-r is rebranded Sony, so a safe buy.
Imation - Average stuff, not worth the money unless you’re guaranteed ricoh
Memorex - Not really sold in australia? They use a shitload of different manufacturers for their discs…could be anything I think.
Philips - 8x not that good, but philips 16x dvd-r is rebranded Verbatim
Databank - not sure.
Ritek - I wouldn’t bother at all with ritek…
Skytech - Most likely UTTER crap (strathfield again)
Azul - dunno, but i’d guess faked or lowest grade stuff.

Sorry, but what are faked MID’s & this CMC grade? & I have used Millennium brand before, & it seemed to work at very high level of success. Anyone heard of this brand before or where they can be purchased?

MID= Media Identification. When you insert a disc into a drive it’s identified by a MID which is associated with being made by a particular company and a writing strategy from the drives firmware that’s associated with that MID is then used to burn the disc. These writing strategys are the result of the drive manufacturer having tested the media and adopting/creating a writing strategy that results (hopefully) in getting best resultant burns for that MID on their drive.

Faked MIDs = Media that misrepresents itself to the burner as something it’s not, ie Some cheap poorly made discs typically made in Hong Kong or China that are using another companies popular MID so a greater pool of drives in the market place has a writing strategy already that will allow the disc to be burned as if it was the real thing with all the resultant burn speeds associated for that MID available ie 4x, 8x,12,16x

If the company that made the media had of chosen a new unique idenitfication code of their own then resultant burns and selectable speed to burn that media at is subject to ‘if and when’ a drive manufacturer gets around to testing that MID to adopt a writing strategy for it and releasing it in firmware updates.

If the MID is unknown to the drive then it will constrain the burn speed to say 4x even though the rated speed of media printed on disc or packageing is higher, and it will use a generic writing strategy that may or may not result in a useable disc. However it’s certain that such a generic or conservative strategy being used is far from ideal.

Thus the whole process of submitting new media with new MID and having it subjected to testing and developing an appropriate writing strategy is avoided by such companies and they’re trading on the hard work and reputation of other companies doing things properly.

One of the problems with discs that use a faked MID is that seldom the properties such as dye formulation and quality of the disc match that of the original it represents itself to be. A burn as a result of using a writing strategy adopted from an entirely differently made disc, can range anywhere from an acceptable to totally disastrous result, ie coaster.

The use of another companies MID is seldom used with permission. It’s a shonky practice that causes confusion amongst consumers and unfair/undeserved loss of respect and confidence for brandnames/companies products that are identified by that MID. The company making such discs cares little about damage to another companies reputation nor typically whether a consumer has success or not with their product once a sale is made.

Once cheap brand X gets too much of a reputation for being shite then they’ll simply create another brandname and start over again. The market is rife with such fakes coming ‘mostly’ out of Hong Kong and China. Best avoid buying any media coming from those places at all IMO, as irrespective of whether the media is using a MID inappropriately or not, the quality and longevity of such media made there is very poor and it only props up the business of making more shite and lowering the profitability/viability of companies to continue making decent media elsewhere.

CMC based in Taiwan are one of, if not the largest? optical disc manufacturers globally. Their media is under a very large number of brands. It’s a widely held belief amongst many that the grade of disc ie grade A being best vs grade B not so great etc are commonly found under different brands of discs that are made by CMC and use their MID. So, for example an Imation branded disc ‘may’ consistantly be found to be of a higher quality than one with DSE brand even though they are made in the same factory and use the same MID. It’s all conjecture that is based on users personal experiences with each brand but some patterns can often be found. Perhaps some brands do insist on purchasing from CMC at a given price point and are supplied less than the best available that is produced at any given time. Who truly knows the inner workings.

I think he was asking for CDs. I have used Ritek with an LG combo drive and haven’t had any problems.

last time i brought cd’s from strathfeild, the Red Strathfeild branded ones were plasmon data systems, and the “Platnium Plus” showed up as Mitsui Toatsu

EDIT: and dicer was spot on with his guess of CMC for the DSE branded DVD’s/CD’s

God…you’re right.

TDK - Made in India is Moser Baer. Made In Taiwan is Ritek or CMC, not bad either way really.
Verbatim - Like i said before, they’re still advertising as DatalifePlus locally for the better ones.
Sony - Not much point with these for CD-R I think.
Philips - Philips seem to rebadge Ritek CD-R, so they’re worth getting.

Steer clear of strathfield sold media…

Philips can also be CMC, which is at least acceptable.

Hi AussieRoo :slight_smile:

your best bet would be to go to Sony Central in George St. and get the 10-pk. CD-Rs with the psychedelic colour scheme. These are made in Japan by Taiyo Yuden and are pretty much the best CD-Rs you can get. At AUD 7.95, they’re a steal.

If your budget is lower, go to MSY [but not on the weekend as you may have to wait an hour or so!] and get a 50-pk. of Ritek printable CD-Rs for AUD 14.00. Unlike their DVD±Rs, they have been quite stable in my experience. Just don’t breathe when you open the shrinkwrap :bigsmile:

Yeah, might start off an addiction…:bigsmile: