Best media for LG 1563D and BenQ 1640


What SL media burns best on the LG 1563D and BenQ 1640? I read in a few threads that 16X Verbs didnt burn well (as some might be fake too). Are 8X Verbs better? How about the Sony 8X MIT? What media codes do they have and how well do they work with these drives?

I have some verbatim 16x, and they don’t burn so bad on my 1640; the only thing is that they must be burned @12x max because @16 give some bad spikes around 3,5 GB

See this post of mine for some scans with media codes :

TY 8x media (both DVD+R and DVD-R) burns about as well as the 8x Verbatim DVD+R media in that post. I have scans of those as well but I’m too lazy to post that right now. Btw, those scans were made in a 4163B, the internal version of your 5163D. The 5163D is essentially a 4163B in an external case. So my burn results should be comparable to results for a 5163D.

Any Taiyo Yuden media does a great job in the BenQ, as do Verbatim. 16x DVD+Rs are a bit risky, for some reason mysterious error spikes show up in BenQ drives when an error scan is done, but not in Plextor drives or professional scanning equipment, so BenQ claims it isn’t a problem. 12x shows none of these problems anywhere, thus why it is recommended.