Best media for DW1655/1640

Just purchased a BenQ DW1655 DVD-rewriter.

I was wondering what kind of blank dvds u guys use and recommend for good quality burns. Yes, I know that there is no such thing as DVDs that don’t fail from time to time. My question though is:

Do you guys recommend Japan made dvds (i.e. Taiyo Yuden)?
Also, is it better to user DVD-R or DVD+R? I read the distinction but still didn’t get it completely. What about speed? Is x8 sufficient?

My priority is to make burns with mp3 data, something that will last a long time. Having a few bad burns is not a problem if I find out about it right away, rather then in a couple of years when I decide to use the back-up dvd I made.


Do you also have the 1640 (per title)?

Do you guys recommend Japan made dvds (i.e. Taiyo Yuden)?

Take a look at this thread: What is the best DVD media? Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim is preferred. Personally I would recommend TY DVD+R 8x (YUDEN000T02) and TY DVD-R 8x (TYG02) burn at 8x or 12x. Also Verbatim DVD+R 16x (MCC004) burn at 8x and 12x. With BenQ DW1655, MCC004 also looks good at 16x!

Also, is it better to user DVD-R or DVD+R?
Depends on your dvdplayer. I use DVD+Rs and booktype to DVD-ROM.
What about speed? Is x8 sufficient?

Thanks zevia for the concise reply.
I have the DW1655; it is just that the box says that its equivalent in Europe and other places is the DW1640. So I asked it to get more replies.

I think I will go with the TY DVD+R 8x (YUDEN000T02) as you mentioned. The company is good and I entrust in your opinion since you are a moderator.

I will use to buy it since I live in Canada. It is $25.45 USD for a spindle of 50pcs. Sounds like a good price for TYs.

Thanks again.
More opinions would be appreciated as well.

I’ve also experienced that T02’s are great, so if you can get them, I wouldn’t hesitate. I had a few spindles of Fujifilm 8x with T02, fantastic DVD’s.

Now as for myself, I can’t find them anymore, and I want to buy new ones. I have a BenQ DW-1640 and have narrowed it down to three:

  • Verbatim DVD+R 16x (MCC 004)
  • Plextor DVD+R 16x (YUDEN000T03)
  • Ricoh DVD+R 16x (RICOHJPNR03

Which one to get?

(sorry for asking questions in your thread kosmik, but I think possible answers to my question would help you too - if you don’t want me posting this, I’ll delete it)

enjac, feel free to post. Nice of u to ask :slight_smile:

I’m pretty much decided now to buy the TYs (YUDEN000T02)
Checked some more reviews on them and all were positive.
Gonna buy it today from

Well, there’s hardly anything better to be found then real T02’s.
I’ll give you an example of how they perform on my Benq DW-1640:

@eniac: that’s an amazing result. my sony branded ty t02 won’t work well like this. my sony branded tyg02 disks always have 6 to 8 pif spikes near 1.5gB mark. my imation branded prodisc r03 03 works better than my ty disks :frowning:

Or TYG02 are pretty good with the 1655 here’s a scan i did this morning. You said you live in canada so if you like +R taiyo Yuden, Wal-mart has Sony 8X +r which are always Taiyo yuden for 24 bucks canadian for 50 pack which is a pretty good deal.

Are those real YUDEN000T02?

I did a search for this site on the forum and people are generally satisfied purchasing there.

I just don’t understand that this site offers other YUDEN000T02 which have different layers I presume. One is "LACQUER ", which is cheaper; the others are: "WHITE INKJET HUB PRINTABLE " which are considerable more expensive, by 33% or so.

I decided to go with the “Lacquer” ones. I really hope it is genuine TYs 02s

Yes i buy my tyg02’s from there and they are all genuine discs, I guess the printables are more expensive because they are printable. I always buy the lacquer dics and they havnt given me any problems, they just scratch easier so be more careful with them.


decision is made then!
Thanks alot for the input all. :wink:

I’m seeing the same with my JPNR02’s that I have now. I have some other great scans from my T02’s. It’s a shame stores have stopped selling it around here.

Anyway, could someone please give me a help with this:

Now as for myself, I can’t find them anymore, and I want to buy new ones. I have a BenQ DW-1640 and have narrowed it down to three:

  • Verbatim DVD+R 16x (MCC 004)
  • Plextor DVD+R 16x (YUDEN000T03)
  • Ricoh DVD+R 16x (RICOHJPNR03

Thanks in advance.

To answer my own question, and for anyone else that has a question about which media to buy for a DW-1640, I bought the Verbatim MCC004’s and got this result:

i use verbatims dl and they are the best for me so far i recommend them very highly. stay away from memorex and ritek and knockoffs, you get what you pay for


I also live in Canada and bought the same model burner as you did just after New year’s. I’m having weird problems with it though. It won’t read audio cd’s or burn them…it only did the first time after I installed it and than no more. It does burn certain dvd’s and after reading the other threads here I know what media to stay away from.

I was wondering if any of you would be able to tell me why I can’t burn a cd-r or have it read audio cd’s? Is it possible that’s it’s just my crappy memorex cd’rs? I would agree with that but still baffled with no audio reading.

thanks in advance for any help with this problem.


which side are you saying scratches easier? are these dics very shinny on top? i want to buy some but id like to see them first.