Best media for dw1640



can somneone give me some help with media for the dw1640 with latest firmware. that gives good results every time. i am in the UK



Hi :slight_smile:
Taiyo Yuden & Verbatim are the best.
For Taiyo Yuden & Verbatim go here
Infiniti use the same coating as Verbatim.
For Infiniti go here


thanks for the info which is best plus or minus for the 1640



Martin, here’s an informal compilation of results from the 1640 SL thread burning scan tests:

Firmware mid Burn speed WOPC? Solidburn Overspeed

BSKB MCC003 12x on on on
BSKB yuden000t02 8x on on off
BSKB yuden000t02 12x on on on
BSKB Maxell001 (4x) 12x on on on
BSKB RicohJPNR01 8x on on on
BSKB Prodisc R03 12x on on on
BSKB yuden000t02 12x on on on
BSKB RicohJPNR02 12x on on on
BSKB CMCMAGM01 12x on on on
BSKB TYG01 (4x) 8x on on on
BSKB TDK001 (4x) 8x on on on
BSKB TYG02 8x on on off
BSKB CMCMAGE01 8x on on
BSKB RicohJPNR01 12x on on on
BSKB yuden000t01 8x on on on
BSKB MCC02RG20 8x on on off
BSKB MCC03RG20 16x on on
BSKB MCC004 12x on on off
BSKB Optodisc 0R8 12x on on on
BSKB Maxell002 12x on on on
BSKB CMCMAGE01 12x off on on (TDK-43 PIF )


i hear my heart crying…
i burned 3 MCC004’s which indicate as 16* and came out with scores below 70(0 for one)…
according to the list above, it’s only support 12*… oh my gosh


Did you set those speeds with MCSE or with your burning software? The problem with setting to overspeed , is that its burns everything at 16x.


No MCSE from what I saw in those scans, from which I compiled those, Alan, so I would assume each person that got good results with said media at stated speed and settings basically set the speed through the burning software.


Lovejoy, please note this is my compliation of results, so it’s informal and could still vary from system to system, even with media batches. However, the MCC004 does appear to burn best at 12x in a BenQ. I think there are 2 burners that will burn the MCC004 at 16x with good results, and while I want to say perhaps that would be the Pioneer and NEC, I’m only guessing, because that’s off the top of my head.


Hi :slight_smile:
While the list is true to some extent, as I’ve had similar results. Solid Burn can allow you to burn at 16x & get quality scores of 97+. Evenwith MCC 004.How? You need to enable solid burn for known media (the default setting is disable) Then be prepared to possibly waste a couple of discs whilst learning process takes 1st disc say 45% quality - 2nd - 70%+ - 3rd 95%+.
Even MCC 03 which I was already getting 96/97% improved to 97/99% using this method.
Martin in case you don’t know TY & yuden are Taiyo Yuden, MCC is Verbatim & Infiniti.

Pioneer 109 12x for MCC 004 16x MCC03. Nec 3540 stock f/w the same as Pioneer, with L & D’s 1.W5 16x for MCC 004 & MCC 03.


thank you so very much dude.

at least you provide me with a reasonable answer…after i set DMA to Mode 2 …upgrated fw to BSLB…replaced 40pin IDE to 80pin…and updated nero OEM to latest version…why i can burn MCC004 at 12*…

well, MCC003 really impressed me and i naturally moved on to MCC004 but MCC004 shocked me…

thank you again :smiley:


thank you,zebadee.

oh, i never knew solid burn worked this way…as a matter of fact, with Solid Burn defaulted off, i wasted 3 MCC004’s. 1st got 0, 2nd 75, 3rd some 70 which i dont remember and then i got busy crying:). i didn’t know even when it’s a known media, i should turn solid burn on.
what happens if i reinstall the system or upgrade firmware? do i have to teach my 1640 again? is there anything i can do to store its memory?

thanks again!


Hi :slight_smile:
That’s OK. By the way the results were mainly based on BSKB, BSLB means that even without playing around with solid burn quality should now be above 90. But MCC 004 does seem to vary a lot unlike MCC 03.

Ideally you shouldn’t need to turn solid burn on for known media. I found for example if you only use MCC 03 then your best leaving solid burn off.


yea, i’ve upgraded it to BSLB. MCC004 burn is still a total disaster…
qscan says it’s not ok for burning it at 16*. the graph shows at the end some hundred Megebyte, the FE goes cross the limited line. 12* is OK


Hi :slight_smile:
A secret, well not really.I bought some BenQ (DAXON) + & - media which gave me poor results see here
posts # 17 & 18
But look at improvement after BSLB/Solid Burn here
posts # 47 & 48


very interesting and very useful, zebadee…
i’d spend 3 MCC004 which is about 12RMB for my lab class :slight_smile:

thank you again :bow:


Hi :slight_smile:
Well don’t want to depress you I’ve just done QScan & MCC 004 came up good at 16x, very close to the line though.
I’ve seen a few posts refering to fake Verbatim. Where did you get yours?
My BenQ(DAXON) 8x media failed QScan even at4x.


Hi zabadee. FYI. Your question just reminded me of a thread in the Plextor Forum some time ago. It may be worth a look. Basically what it came down to is there is/was a huge difference in everyones Verbatim MCC 004 Media at that time::slight_smile:


my mcc004 is a bummer then…or my 1640 is…
i’m pretty sure it’s not fake…

maybe i’ll just burn with MCC003. not too slow


thanks for the info, crossg

i dont trust mcc004 anymore.(mine was made in Taiwan)

maybe i should try other media.


Your welcome. Like zabadee said earlier:

But MCC 004 does seem to vary a lot unlike MCC 03.

It does vary a lot but it is usually never really bad, just burns better at 12x than 16x.:slight_smile: