Best media for DRU-500A?

Whats the Best -R and +R Media for the DRU-500A. Of course on the media compatability list on Sony’s website they just recommend their own media :a

To me bulkpaq 1x,white label 2x,tdk.

Sony DRU500A - Maximun writing speed for this burner is 4X

<a href=“”>1X (upgrade 2X) Ritek</a> - This is the best recommandation because this DVD-R sell for 1X’s price but working as 2X speed; with Sony DRU-500A firmware 1.0f.
<a href=“”>2X Princo</a><br> - I got this for $37.5/25pcs, so far so good. I haven’t got any defect one after my 18th movies.
<a href=“”>4X Ritek</a><br> - This 4X DVD-R only if you’re down for faster speed.
<a href=“”>2.4X Ritek DVD+R</a>
<a href=“”>2.4X Ritek DVD+RW</a>

p/s: Ritek is consider as one of the best among all the unbranded DVD media.
Best = more compabilities + less defection rate. So make you own choice.

best of all