Best media for compatibility with dvd players

Hi I have the NEC 3500A + a pioneer 108.

wondering wot you think is the best DVD media for compatibility with dvd players.

I have all ways used ritek G04 but the Quality of the disks have gone down hill over the last few months.

wot do you recomend ?


I use Taiyo Yuden 8x in both - and + R’s and have not thrown a single coaster yet - and get great movie backups-


Any quality -R media (or +R for that matter if your stand-alone will play them).

Taiyo Yuden -Rs (as recommended by bigmike7) are very good for both quality and compatibility or if you can’t get TY then Verbatim Data Life Plus -Rs are also very good and are compatible with just about any stand-alone player.

TY +R media