Best Media For BTC/Emprex 1016

So far i’ve only tried GO4’s with great success, but i wanted to know people’s opinions on which other media works best with this DVD burner.

BTW i am using A091 firmware but i can easily change it back to other firmware if they are better for certain types of media.

Just like everybody else will tell you. Taiyo Yuden (TY) Media of any variety and Verbatim (mcc) media (not Pearl White).

You really cant go wrong with these. +R 8x Verbatim and +R 8x Taiyo Yuden are among the best media available for purchase. 4x and 16x versions aren’t as good, but they are still better than most media out there.

I just hope that your batch of G04 is ok. Only because later batches of G04 and G05 are known to degrade at alarming rates, which could render your burns unreadable within a few months.

If your going for Verbatim media make sure it is under the Verbatim brand to avoid fakes. The same rule applies to TY media, a thread is available in the to find out which Brands are fake TY.

I know my 1016IM with firmware 187 does very well with TYG02, TYG03 are acceptable burns at 8x.

The TY TO2’s work quite well with firmware AO89.