Best media for Benq1620-to-Xbox

Purely for educational purposes, of course.

Any quality DVD+R disc, bitset to DVD-ROM :wink:
TAIYO YUDEN (Fujifilm 8x DVD+R made in Japan) is one fine example.
Although you might want to burn them at 8X (instead of 16x) to ensure best results in the Xbox.

Correct me if i’m wrong but i remember once reading that most of the xbox have readers which are pretty picky about +R and cd’s. -R can be read by all the readers. However you may have gotten lucky and your xbox can read all formats. But untill you’ve tested it out then i’d go with some quality -R’s.

I have a phillip’s drive, and it reads DVD-R and DVD+R (only when bitset to DVD-ROM) I’m not sure if the thompson drive does, (worst of them all) and the Samsung drive reads anything. So your chances are 2/3, good luck! :slight_smile:

Hey Monk,
I have a samsung drive (not by opening it, but by looking at the two holes in the pic) and it doesn’t read any vcd’s or svcd’s off my cd’s. When i’m on the menu screen, it says “no disc”. -dvd works find and + works as well but it seems to take a touch longer to read it initially. Wondering if you know why it wouldn’t read the cd media or if you can direct me to and tweaks that may have to be performed.

As far as I know, most drives only read cd-rw’s. If they do read cd-rs, they are very picky about it, so I would research it and maybe you can find the right media.