Best media for BenQ 1640

Just ordered BenQ 1640 DVD from NCIX (Canada)…

Which specific Taiyo-Yuden media would be best for this burner? Also, +R or -R ???


I would go for Taiyo Yuden DVD+R 8X, YUDEN000 T02

Fuji DVD+R 8X, made in Japan, have Taiyo Yuden dye.

Here’s a scan I just did of a Fuji DVD+R disc, made in Japan, on my BenQ1620.
I think you will get great results with TY T02 on your 1640 as well.


Also, I have Lite-On 40x12x48 CD-RW and Toshiba M1612 DVD reader…

Would you remove one to make room for the BenQ 1640?

I saw better result for -R TY on this drive
a Quality score of 99 on TYG02 @ 12X
look around in BenQ/Philips Forum, you will find it

I would keep the DVD-ROM.

I agree, unless he needs to copy copy protected cds…

Been out of PC gaming for a while… ( only games I play are “Links 2003” and “Total Annihilation”) …are the current games on CD or DVD?

i would lose the DVD-ROM and keep the CDRW. The 1640 is a very fast reader.

Yep, the Benq is extremely fast, if you remove the riplock with MCSE.
Check this threat about media:

TY media is my choice, with MCC003 or MCC004 next. Ditch the CD-RW, use the DVD drive for ripping. I’ll bet the DW1640 writes better CDs than your LiteOn ever could… test it yet?

See my first post to start the thread… I just ordered it yesterday… :slight_smile: Wish I had it today!!